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A place to discuss Codemasters’ F1 games, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, rFactor, iRacing and everything else to do with virtual motorsport.

F1F Virtual Grand Prix Championship

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    Lucas Wilson

    Good race for us! brilliant job by Kurtis!

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    Wow, that was… surprising. Huge Congrats to Ingram and Warrior, shame our boys couldn’t do anything sensible. Sorry for Ruiz, Agostino definitely deserves that penalty.

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    Bradley Downton

    @RoboCAT – Hey! Me and @sirspuddington are manufacturers… sort of :P haha. And I’ve edited the original post for you :)

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    @bradley13 You are a virtual manufacturer in a virtual championship so you are sort of a Mercedes of the series!

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    Ryan Petersen

    @bradley13 I see, sorry about any confusion! It just pained me to see you starting to get worked up. It’s not a nice feeling :(

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    Bradley Downton

    @formula-1 – I suppose :P haha, wish I had a car like Mercedes’…

    By the way, I should imagine two more versions of that post will come through, it didn’t post first time again…

    @aiera-music – No worries :), no I know, but it’s all good, because I know I’m going to win the next race. I’ve hired snipers, to take out everyone whose car isn’t Orange :)

    *crazy evil grin*

    Totally haven’t gone crazy.

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    Happy birthday @mathers!!

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    Harry Westwood

    So happy with that, but felt we could’ve potentially finished higher… Hopefully Kinnumen will keep it up and Maxwell will improve :P congrats Ingram and Campos lol

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    Awaiting strategies from @full-throttle-f1 @andae23 @aiera-music

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    Ryan Petersen

    @robocat Strategy sent!

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    Harry Westwood

    Everyone can expect the dogemobile to make a guest appearance this race! :) And I won’t be doing press conferences for USA as I’ve got a fair bit on my plate especially now with trying to find a job :/ if anyone wants to do them for USA though feel free! :)

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    Bradley Downton

    @RoboCAT, @bradley13, @diceman, @Formula-1, @bnm123, @JamieFranklinF1, @full-throttle-f1, @andae23, @mathers, @pezlo2013, @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1, @sirspuddington, @aiera-music

    Ok guys, I’ve decided to resurrect the EJGPC but with a slight twist. No-one will run teams or have drivers, in fact they’ve all just been randomly made up between myself and @mathers tonight with random stats (though some are rejects from the first IJGPC season). We’ve also tried to make a lot of them different nationalities to add some variety, or though nothing too crazy… *cough*

    The idea is to have another junior series just for people to follow and if anyone takes their fancy they can choose them to run in the IJGPC, or even move them straight into the VGPC (providing we get @RoboCAT‘s agreement and I can work everything out with him.)

    And so, because I need to catch up, the results of Qualifying for the British round are:
    1. Finn Schnyder (SWI) – Formation Competition (5)
    2. Didier Arnaud (FRA) – Lapierre Formule (7)
    3. Brock Kidd (USA) – American Engineering (0)
    4. Rafael Martínez (SPA) – AutoInternational (14)
    5. Anders Du Plessis (RSA) – Higgs Grand Prix (21)
    6. Klaas van Snelheid (NED) – DeMarco Team (25)
    7. Nikolajis Christodoulou (GRE) – Schneider Motoren (30)
    8. Oleksandr Zozulya (UKR) – Smith Motorsport (12)
    9. Drake Davies (BAH) – Formation Competition (6)
    10. Callum Brandon (GBR) – Pegasus International (17)
    11. Dino Palma (GBR) – Higgs Grand Prix (20)
    12. Ellenør Haugland (NOR) – Higgs Grand Prix (22)
    13. Dominic Hanson (GBR) – AutoInternational (16)
    14. Juan Alejandro (SPA) – Smith Motorsport (11)
    15. Peter O’Riley (IRE) – Pegasus International (19)
    16. Vito Certonio (ITA) – DeMarco Team (23)
    17. Ernfred Jensen (DEN) – Signature Performance (27)
    18. Brittany Johnson (USA) – Pegasus International (18)
    19. Steven Kasami (SWI) – Signature Performance (26)
    20. José Correia (BRA) – Lapierre Formule (9)
    21. Niklas Kehlmann (GER) – Schneider Motoren (29)
    22. Artur Słobodowa (POL) – Schneider Motoren (31)
    23. Lucas Tétrault (MON) – Formation Competition (4)
    24. Sandrine Phillippe (FRA) – Lapierre Formule (8)
    25. Aleksandr Hadžić (BIH) – Signature Performance (28)
    26. Allar Kangur (EST) – DeMarco Team (24)
    27. Francis Rodríguez (MEX) – American Engineering (3)
    28. Ikram Aliyev (AZE) – American Engineering (2)
    29. Mirko Vučić (SRB) – Smith Motorsport (10)
    30. Josep Kírova (PAR) – AutoInternational (15)

    Profile photo of Mathers

    This is awesome Bradley! I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with this championship.

    Also, I may have just been phoned by Monsieur Lapierre, he wants to buy my team…

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    Bradley Downton

    British Race 1 Part 1: 3 out of the top 4 drivers on the grid out at turn one pile-up

    1. Finn Schnyder
    2. Anders Du Plessis
    3. Klaas van Snelheid
    4. Oleksandr Zozulya
    5. Nikolajis Christodoulou
    6. Drake Davies
    7. Callum Brandon
    8. Ellenør Haugland
    9. Dominic Hanson
    10. Juan Alejandro
    11. Vito Certonio
    12. Brittany Johnson
    13. Steven Kasami
    14. José Correia
    15. Ernfred Jensen
    16. Artur Słobodowa
    17. Francis Rodríguez
    18. Sandrine Phillippe
    19. Aleksandr Hadžić
    20. Allar Kangur
    21. Josep Kírova
    22. Ikram Aliyev
    23. Mirko Vučić
    Ret. Didier Arnaud
    Ret. Brock Kidd
    Ret. Rafael Martínez
    Ret. Dino Palma
    Ret. Peter O’Riley
    Ret. Niklas Kehlmann
    Ret. Lucas Tétrault

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