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A place to discuss Codemasters’ F1 games, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, rFactor, iRacing and everything else to do with virtual motorsport.

F1F Virtual Grand Prix Championship

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    @bradley13 I thought maybe when the race is sent to you, a list of race strategies could be sent so then you can know which drivers are where after pitstops if there are two drivers of the same team close together or have similar helmets.

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    Bradley Downton

    @formula-1 – I get what you mean. Nic sends me strategies but when I didn’t have the lap counter (Nic added that after my commentary) it was difficult. Should be easier next time. I’m also going to make sure I learn the helmets to check who is who, although your drivers are just a nightmare! :P Haha

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    Same advice here, the only thing I was really missing were the strategies. But it’s a fantastic addition to the series, no doubt :)

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    I’ve been having a bit of conversation with @bradley13, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the best thing for the series would be to hand over control of the running of the IJGPC to him, ensuring regular races for the junior championship that is vital to the continuation of the driver market in the game.

    However, this would leave me free to do a fun side-project: The International Touring Masters. It’s a touring car series that would pit interested teams against some of the world’s most renowned touring car teams and drivers. Anyone interested, let me know.

    Avatar of Bradley Downton
    Bradley Downton

    @andae23 – Is that a huge thing? Not knowing when people will pit or how many stops they have left adds suspense ;) I think it’s better without knowing.

    Avatar of Bradley Downton
    Bradley Downton

    As @mathers said, I’m going to take over the running of the IJGPC, so forward all questions about that to me from now on please, including driver changes!

    The Spanish race won’t go into much detail I’m afraid, I’m just going to list the results, but the next round will be more in depth.

    Pole: Jamie Gerrard (Liverpool)

    Fastest Lap: Luke Stokey (Westwood)

    1. Luke Stokey (Westwood)
    2. Emma Wilson (Lucas)
    3. Jamie Gerrard (Liverpool)
    4. Kiara Thunder (Formation)
    5. Stuart Harrison (Peugeot)
    6. Aron Einarsson (Lucas)
    7. Keith Murphy (Point Cook)
    8. Daniel Bruner (Morley)
    9. Viktor Östberg (Liverpool)
    10. Jochem van Snelheid (Formation)
    11. Bayurn Zrigovic (Westwood)
    12. Ivan Fyodorov (Team 23)
    13. Pedro Costa (Rossi)
    14. Arthur Daniau (Peugeot)
    15. Eduardo Oliviera-Martins (Point Cook)
    16. Luca Andreolli (Rossi)
    17. Mikko Heininen (Morley)
    18. Germund Svensson (Fun)
    Ret. Yrjänä Vähäsöyrinki (Fun)
    Ret. Henk Dekzwabber (Team 23)
    Ret. Yohan Dubois (Ingram)
    Ret. Davide Barone (Ingram)

    For Championship Standings check here:

    I have also updated the main Championship and all drivers, teams and stats pages:

    And the EJGPC for anyone who wants a look:

    Avatar of Bradley Downton
    Bradley Downton

    EJGPC Portuguese Qualifying – van Snelheid storms to second successive pole

    van Snelheid takes pole while Kasami will be hoping he can add a second finish of the season to the one he got in the Spanish Sprint race. Early Championship contender Schnyder is only 14th and Christodoulou only 23rd. Other race winners this year – du Plessis and Davies – are 17th and 19th respectively.

    1. Klaas van Snelheid
    2. Steven Kasami
    3. Brittany Johnson
    4. Oleksandr Zozulya
    5. Didier Arnaud
    6. Dino Palma
    7. Aleksandr Hadžić
    8. Lucas Tétrault
    9. Francis Rodríguez
    10. Ernfred Jensen
    11. Rafael Martínez
    12. Artur Słobodowa
    13. José Correia
    14. Finn Schnyder
    15. Ellenør Haugland
    16. Niklas Kehlmann
    17. Anders Du Plessis
    18. Ikram Aliyev
    19. Drake Davies
    20. Allar Kangur
    21. Vito Certonio
    22. Brock Kidd
    23. Nikolajis Christodoulou
    24. Callum Brandon
    25. Juan Alejandro
    26. Peter O’Riley
    27. Josep Kírova
    28. Sandrine Phillippe
    29. Dominic Hanson
    30. Mirko Vučić

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    Awaiting strategies from1, @bnm123, @JamieFranklinF1, @full-throttle-f1,

    Avatar of RoboCAT

    Just waiting on @full-throttle-f1. We should have practice up tomorrow guys :)

    Avatar of Harry Westwood
    Harry Westwood

    @RoboCAT That’s awesome :)

    Avatar of Bradley Downton
    Bradley Downton

    Oh, I’m interested about the Touring Car series by the way @mathers, but you already know that :P haha

    Avatar of Mathers

    Can I have people interested in entering the touring car series dropping me a message please :) Cheers

    Avatar of RoboCAT
    Avatar of Harry Westwood
    Harry Westwood

    That’s great! Provided we can keep it up, I’m very happy that at least one of our cars is up with the Franklins!!!

    Avatar of Mathers

    What a load of crap. Karl is on borrowed time

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