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F1F Virtual Junior Grand Prix Championship

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    As the main thread about the Virtual F1 championship is for, well, F1 I thought I would create this topic for people involved in the Junior GP championship to post team news.

    For the main thread and rule explanations please use this: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1-games/forum/topic/f1f-virtual-grand-prix-championship/nk:

    Please feel free to say anything you want about the upcoming Virtual Junior Category Championship, including the IJGPC and the EJGPC.



    I think there a few places left if anyone wants to join the European Junior Grand Prix Championship (EJGPC). The International Junior Grand Prix Championship (IJGPC) is full.

    If anyone wants to jointhe EJGPC, ask @mathers for details and a form to fill in. We are still waiting for an official calendar, so I can’t tell anyone when the season starts.

    My teams info ( I race will race in the EJGPC)

    Official team name: White-Budgie GP
    Constructor name: Budgie Racing
    Team Nationality: Britain
    Team Base: Hertfordshire, UK
    Team Principal: Spencer White
    Team principal nationality: Britain
    Driver One: James da Luca
    Driver Two: Sergio Razia
    Test drivers: Romano Ferraro
    Junior/simulator drivers: Luigi Marciello, Jarno Silvio
    Main sponsor: Budgie World
    Other sponsors: BT, Tesco, Pets at Home, A1 Canine, Lucozade, Kitkat

    Of course, you have to make up the drivers and decide your sponsors.


    Alex Tunnicliffe

    Official team info

    Official team name:Emirates Team New Zealand-Mercedes
    Constructor name:Waikato Racing Cars
    Team Nationality:New Zealand
    Team Base:Hamilton,New Zealand
    Team Principal:Alex Tunnicliffe
    Team Principal Nationality:New Zealand
    Driver One:Jon Wood
    Driver Two:Marcus Murphy
    Test Driver:Sam Bailey
    Junior/Simulator Driver:Ann Te Puka
    Main Sponsor:Emirates
    Other sponsors:Shell,Warehouse,



    By the way, BMW supply my teams engines and about 48 percent of sponsorship money.



    Almost decided on my livery for the upcoming EJGPC tournament…
    Getting there!



    Whilst completing EJGPC livery (launch on Sunday) photoshop quit me.
    It just killed itself and returned me to the homepage of my computer.

    Why does technology hate me…?



    I haven’t said anything about this for a while…

    @mathers I hate to annoy you, but really, when is the season starting?



    I’m considering swapping Romano Ferraro for Sergio Razia, as Ferraro has had experience in other series and has proven his pace in the few test sessions I’ve done. However, Razia is an unknown quantity and could mke or break the team. I’ll leave it for now.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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