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    Forza 4 allows for Driver Clubs right, so I assume RRR will have its group where people can share liveries/cars?

    I may join up :D



    @PJTierney Indeed it will, and that is the plan. Thats half the reason the club was created a few months back, looking forward to Forza 4.

    But we go way beyond that with our Forum and Wiki site containing all our race results and standings, as well as driver and team profiles. So there’s a teenie bit of role play involved, but it’s all good fun and we’re enjoying it so far.

    You’re more than welcome to join us! Providing you’re rubbish, of course.




    Seen the wiki before, looks great :)



    So has anyone been playing this? I’m loving it.

    Just need some more folks to race with. Is it just me or when you look at the RRR forum boards…there’s no threads, posts or activity?!



    I’ve realised now you have to be registered to see the all the posts and such.

    (silly me)



    I got the Limited Edition Forza 4 the other day, and I have to say it is a HUGE improvement from Forza 3. Just incredible. Does anyone know what the differences are between the normal and the limited editions? I can’t work out what they are.

    Had to say I had a colossal nerdgasm when I modded an Escort RS Cosworth to Class A 599, and took it round the Bernese Alps circuit, so much fun! Unfortunately I don’t have Xbox live! :(



    I’d love to join RRR if theres any room left, but I don’t know how it’d work since Im in the U.S, so time is a challenge. Still, if theres a way to work it out I’d love to join!



    It’s labelled as RlyR in Forza 4, right? Was RRR taken?



    Don Mateo

    Just got this game and enjoying it so far. Need to sort myself out a new Xbox live account, then I will be looking for people to race against online, and I’d be especially interested if there was any sort of F1F-related car club.


    Hey there guys.

    Just wanted to pop in and say I’m extremely envious of Forza’s livery editor. Some of the stuff posted here and on RRR is just plain brilliance. That is all.



    @polishboy808 I believe you already signed up once-upon a time for our first Forza 3 championship, but then we never heard anything more from you. You’re welcome to join. Most of our members are in Britain or Europe, and so therefore races take place in our evenings, which will be your afternoon/lunchtime.

    @PJTierney Yes, RRR was taken, but RlyR adds a certain uniqueness!

    @don-mateo There is a club made up of mostly F1F members, but I see you’ve registered on our forums already!

    @magnificent-geoffrey Maybe one day Polyphony Digital will get their arses in gear and add it to GT. Maybe in time for GT7 in 2050, who knows? It is so much fun though


    Don Mateo

    @ajokay Yep, went and registered just after posting that actually. Looking forward to getting started.



    Right so how active is RRR then? I’m considering joining the Forza 4 league.

    If I do, what do I need to do to get started?


    Dan Thorn

    RRR is really active. We generally race once a week, either on a Wednesday or a Thursday, and if there’s no main championship on there’s usually a special event going on.

    Visit http://www.reallyrubbishracing.co.uk and have a look around the Wiki. If it takes your fancy, sign up to the forum and register your interest. ajokay will sort you out with an account for the wiki (which is different to the forum) and away you go!

    We’re pretty full for our next season of racing (season three, which starts next week) so you’d have to go down as a reserve, but there’s bound to be places free for some of the races. We’ve also got a Dan Wheldon Memorial Trophy one off race this Thursday which still has some spaces left, so feel free to join that too.

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