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    I’m up for the Wheldon memorial, sure :)
    I sent Ajokay a car club request for Forza 4 last night, should hopefully get added soon to share some paintjobs :)

    Just wondering, is the number 45 taken by any Team/Driver yet? I have a team lined up that requires that number.

    Signed up to the forum anyways: pjtierney2003



    I’m giving this thread a bump. There are many threads on this forum for online F1 championships on both the Xbox and PS3.

    But if you also like your cars to come with closed cockpits, covered wheels, and sometimes even with the engine in the front, I have a racing club that wants you to join us for some friendly, clean, and mostly rubbish racing:


    We race mostly on Forza Motorsport, currently in its 4th version, and we’ve just announced our 7th season, which is up for voting by any members, so you get to choose!


    Come and join in, it’ll be fun!

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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