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    I’ve recently joined the GPRO website, a Racing strategy game where you make offers to drivers, develop cars, form teams, and race against people throughout the world, trying to eventually make it through 5 levels of competition to become the GPRO grand champion.. I’ve done 6 races, and I managed to win in my 4th race from 14th on the grid at Hungary (sound familiar?)

    I don’t know if anyone is already a member/was a member/would be interested in becoming a member, but click on the link below and sign up for free! Maybe we can get our own F1Fanatic team going!


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    I use to play that game, got tired of it and eventually quit after 5 seasons.

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    I used to use http://www.gpmanagerpro.com/ which was quite good but after a number of seasons i got bored and sold up shop!

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    Think this is a fantastic online website, with an amazing community. Always something to say, do and entertain yourself with. Just thought I’d bump this as it’s a really good opportunity to sign up now, due to the season reset happening today. Sign up here http://www.gpro.net/?id=300870

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    Used to play that, but not for long, and never really liked it that much. Also played GPManagerpro, which was my favourite for a long time, and also Batracer, which is definitely one of the more fun, and varied manager games out there.

    However, I’d say that iGPManager is the best. I played it during beta, and for a long while after that, and it was fantastic. Unfortunately, time constraints stop me from playing these days, but with it continuously growing, and lots of updates to the game, I’m sure to go back, because in my opinion, it was the best by far :)

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