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A place to discuss Codemasters’ F1 games, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, rFactor, iRacing and everything else to do with virtual motorsport.

Grand Prix Story – Android OS game

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    So my work collegue has just bought to my attention to a new game that’s just been released for smart phones running the Google Android OS.

    The game is by a Japanese developer called Kairosoft, and is called ‘Grand Prix Story‘.

    It seems to be a cute little racing team management game, looking quite similar to the classic Theme Hospital, where you start out with a go-kart in your garage, and have to slowly build up a team, hiring mechanics, designers and engineers, as well as drivers, until you’re running a fully fledged Formula One team.

    Appears to only be out on Android so far, but the company’s previous games ‘Game Dev Story’ (where you run a games developer, and have to fire and hire, and release best-selling video games) and ‘Hot Springs Story ‘run a hot sprint resort of some kind’, were also available on iPhone, so hopefully this game will make the journey across too, I’m definately hoping so.

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    game dev story is insanely addicting so I would imagine that grand prix story will end all hopes of me seeing my friends again!

    Profile photo of Bookoi

    Hope it makes the jump across to the iPhone, sounds like fun.

    Anybody know of anything like BATracer for the iPhone?

    Profile photo of Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones

    i’m playing GPS now! its fun, but no motorsports experience is really needed.

    you also have no control of cars during qualifying and once the race has started.. its more about upgrading the team, installing parts, researching things, getting sponsors etc.

    Profile photo of AndrewTanner

    Downloading the Lite version. Will check it out at lunch.


    Sounds great. Hope it gets over to iPhone soon, I need something to play with on the Tube :)

    Profile photo of AndrewTanner

    Well, just done my first qualifying race in the guise of Tanner GP. Dreadful. About 38s behind. Well outside the 107% ;)

    Good job I don’t have any sponsors or they would be kicking my door in D:

    Currently 4th out of 5 on my first race. Spoke too soon. Took a corner too wide, lost a place. Devastating!

    Profile photo of smifaye

    This sounds fun. I hope it comes out on iOS, I could do with some new games!

    Profile photo of puquak

    “They’re going 3 wide into the corner!”

    Cannot believe how tense I can get about a 1 lap race. :)

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    Stephen Jones

    drafting battles for the lead around snowtown!

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    I’ve been playing this game way too much for the past few days. Sometimes the simplest games are the best.

    Profile photo of DamionShadows

    OMG, thanks ajokay for bringing this up, GameDevStory is one of my favorite games ever!

    Profile photo of BenH

    It’s on iPhone now! Yay!

    Profile photo of S.J.M

    Has anyone gotten to F1 in it yet? I say this and wondered if the developers were more Alonso fans then Massa ones… a driver is called “Fasternyu”

    Profile photo of ajokay

    It’s on iPhone now! Yay!

    Hell yeah it is! I’ve wasted much of the past week playing it. It’s a little piece of brillaint, although I’m struggling to win the “Formula No. One Championshp”, mainly due to not being able to get a car that works on poor quality roads and/or ice.

    Does 4WD ever become availiable as a drivetrain option? I’ve only got FF, FR and MR so far.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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