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GT5 Tracks on F1 Calendar

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    Okay, so I know this is just going to degenerate into a favourite tracks thread for GT5. But I pose a question for my fellow F1 fanatics: Which track/(s) would you most like to the on the F1 calendar? The only rules are that it must be an ‘original’ track from Gran Turismo and therefore not real and that it must be tarmac.

    My vote goes to Cape Ring. There are lots of reasons why it couldn’t be there, such as no run off to speak of, some impossible drops behind barely present safety fences and some impossibly narrow sections as well as being unbelievably lengthy. But I would pay a considerable amount of money to see Hamilton going round the outsie of Alonso through that spiral. Plus the views are absolutely spectacular.

    But it’s not real. Darn.

    Profile photo of Dan Thorn
    Dan Thorn

    The Cape Ring is an excellent addition to Gran Turismo but the track I’d most like to see (and the one I’d faithfully recreate if I were a gazillionaire) is Grand Valley Speedway. Fast, flowing, lots of places to overtake, very difficult sections and wonderful scenery.

    My favourite track on the game is Deep Forest, but having an F1 race there would just be ridiculous. Trial Mountain is the same, both are fast, bumpy and narrow and would be far too dangerous.


    It would be Trial Mountain for me. Its even got the Loch Ness Monster in the background!

    Profile photo of SoerenKaae

    I would go for “Tokyo Route 246″ it is a fantastic circuit, and by far the nicest city circuit I have ever “driven” it seems to me that you can always go a little bit faster, so it awards the one who pushes the most..

    Profile photo of jonnyw360f1

    For the uninitiated, here is a video of someone taking an F2007 around the Cape Ring Reverse circuit:

    I hope to upload a video of myself in my Audi R8 LMS on the forward circuit to test out the YouTube uploading facilities of GT5, but if they’re anything like the online mode, I’m not holding my breath.

    And, slight thread hijack…can anyone remember a track from GT4 that had a sort of uphill chicane as the last corner with a big clifface to the right? I can’t remember it’s name for the life of me. That’d be good in a Red Bull.


    The youtube feature was taken off, so you have to upload videos to your ps3 and then take it off there.

    Profile photo of Dan Thorn
    Dan Thorn

    Midfield Raceway? I used to love that course, used it as my main test track. I’d like to see El Capitan and Apricot Hill back as well.

    Profile photo of Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    I always liked the Seattle street circuit from GT4, but I’m not sure if that’s even on GT5. But if some billionaire fancies building it I’d love to see a race at the good ol’ High Speed Ring!

    Profile photo of jonnyw360f1

    Midfield Raceway sounds familiar! I think it might be that…and yes. The YouTube feature has been removed. Grrr.

    Profile photo of RIISE

    Can you imagine F1 cars on Seattle circuit…They would have to run the cars ridiculously high.

    Profile photo of Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones

    Trial Mountain is still the original, and my favorite..

    also Rome Circuit would be fun, the down hill braking zone into a tight chicane of T5/T6 is still my favorite corner

    Profile photo of David-A

    I would go for Midfield Raceway or Special Stage Route 11. Sadly GT5 has neither.

    Profile photo of f1alex

    I know it’s not GT5 but I’d go for El Capitan reverse (GT4/PSP) because racing the F2007 around there on the PSP is probably the funnest combination possible on the game. Not a lot of runoff area though…

    Profile photo of Adam Tate
    Adam Tate

    El Capitan would be a fantastic choice. I loved that course in GT4! Sadly I don’t have a PS3, so no GT5.

    Profile photo of Klon

    Whenever this question pops up, I only have one answer: Autumn Ring Mini Reverse! That would be some grade A racing action.

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