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GTTCC – GT5 Touring Car Championship

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    Me and a twitter pal @thescottwilkes are setting up a BTCC/DTM style GT5 championship online and are in need of other participants,

    there will be 10rounds with 2 racs at each round, with points and ballast awarded.


    so please have a look and let us know if your interested, races likely to be 10pm GMT the day is yet to be decieded

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    Nic Morley

    I’m interested. I tried to set up a toring car league for GRID, but I suppose GT5 will have more luck. My PSN is ‘RoboCAT99’. I’ll have a look around the site. :)

    Just wondering. Of the permitted cars, for example are two people allowed to choose the same car? Or are veryone must have to choose a diffent car like in the GT5 Le mans race a week ago?


    I’ll tell you what, no more than 2 people can have the same car.

    Might be slightly more realistic.

    It all depends on who has what unlocked, some are more rarer than others.

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    Thats true,

    For the record I’m in the Integra Type R Touring car.

    My PSN is Rattie87

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    Nic Morley

    Lol. I was also looking at the Honda INTEGRA TYPE R Touring Car. Mainly because I like Honda’s and it seem’s the fastest out of the four of them. So that’s my pick :)


    Remember the BHP restriction!

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    Ned Flanders

    I’m thinking about selling my copy of GT5- it just hasn’t been my cup of tea. But I’m still undecided, and if I don’t I reckon I’ll take part!


    I shall be using the Audi A4 Touring Car


    @Ned Flanders : Do you play online much? That was my opinion until I started playing online more, the game almost “makes sense” then.


    Sounds awesome! Now I don’t have to bother trying to set one up anymore! :D

    If I’m entering, I might as well use the car I drive in real life (sort of), the Vauxhall Astra Super Touring Car ’00, please.


    I’ll put you on the entry list I’ve just bodged together @Maginificent Geoffrey!

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    Count me in for the Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car ’00 if I may, please.

    PSN is steyr_amr


    Sure thing @muzzleflash

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    I’m in! I’m not sure which car I’ll take, but I really couldn’t care less. This sounds great. :)


    @damonsmedley You need to decide! :P Only 2 people can use the same car.

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