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How’s your F1 2012 career going?

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    Avatar of Spencer White
    Spencer White

    I got up to Valencia when something went wrong with my xbox and I lost all my game data. So up till then my season went something like this:

    At Catalunya it was absoloutely soaking and I couldn’t drive at all, meaning that I finished in 21st.

    Monaco was also soaking and wet Monaco is not something I like. I couldn’t drive at all, and neither could Di Resta, because on lap 2 he spun round ahead of me. I slammed the brakes on as hard as possible and locked up so hard that I kept going not only into di resta but also into vergne, petrov and the wall at Rascasse.

    Canada was all right (sort of) as I qualified in a dismal, but realistic, 21st place. Thankfully the race was dry, but I still managed to lock up at the first corner and crash into Webber, Ricciardo and Vergne. I finished the race in 15th place.

    Valencia is the only other race I remember, I finished in 2nd. Qualified on pole, led nearly the whole race. Button overtook in a lengthy battle that lasted a few laps.

    The standings:

    1. Alonso – 132
    2. Hamilton – 119
    3. Webber – 108
    4. Vettel – 105
    5. Grosjean – 96
    6. Button – 87
    7. Raikkonen – 53
    8. Rosberg – 51
    9. Perez – 44
    10. Schumacher – 39
    11. Kobayashi – 36
    12. Massa – 34
    13. White – 28
    14. Maldonado – 26
    15. Hulkenberg – 4
    16. Senna – 3
    17. Vergne – 1
    18. Ricciardo – 0
    19. Di Resta – 0
    20. Kovalainen – 0
    21. Glock – 0
    22. Petrov – 0
    23. de la Rosa – 0
    24. Karthikeyan – 0

    I’ll upload the first race of my new season soon.
    Just can’t decide if I should start with Marussia, Toro Rosso or Force India.

    Avatar of Nick

    After coming in second due to strategy in China, I decided to leave the AI on Legend for the rest of my career.

    Q: 1st
    R: 1st

    Although not by any margin reminiscent of the days I had the AI on Pro, I got pole rather easily. I had a couple of tenths in sector two, as I my set up was aimed at downforce, rather than top speed.

    The race went pretty well, I kept off Rosberg at the start and despite an early stop (having done 2 flying laps on the options I went to pole on) I managed traffic quite easily and won with about 5 seconds from Rosberg and Vettel.

    Since, I’ve qualified on pole in a very wet session for the Spanish GP, but since my game won’t work properly with the frame rate drops again. Kind of annoying, since I spent a bit of money I didn’t really have to replace my previous graphics card as I thought that was causing the problem..

    Avatar of Nick

    Q: 1st
    R: 1st

    As I said in my last post, I managed to get a rather surprising pole in the wet, as I typically do not do well in the wet in this game. The race however was dry, I managed my tyres quite well and had a pretty straightforward victory. Even in Legend mode. I might be checking out what driver assists I can deactivate and still have a bit of fun.

    I’m currently progressing through the Monaco weekend by some 10 minutes a time, since the frame rate drop continue. I’ve done some quick races around Monaco in those graphic conditions and it’s simply impossible. I really need to contact someone at MSI..

    Avatar of Nick

    I found out my graphics card was shutting down due to overheating. The solution? Buying a new tower with more fans. I’ve spent as much money on adding to my system as I spent on the graphics card by now..

    Q: 1st
    R: DNF

    I made a pretty costly mistake in Q3: once again I ran two hotlaps on one set of options. As I decided to only use the 4 flashbacks and not re-start the race when I run out, I made a stop on lap 2 (out of 20) because my rear was stepping out around Tabac and the swimming pool from lap 1. I came out last, managed to get up to 12th in lap 10, but ran out of flashbacks quite soon. In lap 11 I made a mistake going into Rascasse and managed to knock the front left off and retired.

    Rosberg climed up to 2nd in the championship, only 16 points away.

    Q: 2nd

    I typically do well around this track, so I imagined I’d have it a lot easier, but much like my first season, an excellent qualifying didn’t guarantee anything. As I crossed the line for my single flying lap, I grabbed pole, but a few seconds after slowing down, Michael Schumacher put in a new fastest lap. Still, 2nd with a much lower top speed felt pretty good.

    I grabbed the lead at the start, having a much better start than Schumacher. Hamilton also passed Schumacher, which basically set the running order for the first 4 laps. Hamilton got pretty close on the main straight, especially with DRS, but I managed to keep him behind. Schumacher passed Hamilton on lap 5, and they tangled for the next 2 laps. On lap 7, Hamilton passed me on the main straight, but I managed to catch him with a nifty move in the chicane. I was scheduled to stop on lap 8, but nearly didn’t make it, as I had Hamilton on my left and Schumacher on my right just before entering the pitlane.. After the stops, I was leading from Hamilton and Schumacher again, but had a lead of about 3 seconds. I used my remaining extra fuel to maintain the gap, but after 3 laps, he started closing the gap and I ran out of fuel to burn. The last 6 laps can be described as; me running away in sector 1, losing a little in sector 2 and having Hamilton attacking me all over sector 3. With 2 laps to go he passed me, but I had the inside line into the chicane and grabbed the lead again. Hamilton had a bad line because of that, and basically had Schumacher catching up to him. On the final lap, Hamilton and Schumacher were driving alongside me again and I had to outbreak them and myself a little going into the chicane. We finished in the same order as we ran in for most of the race, but my word, I had a lot of fun, figuring out how to hold off both driver without damaging their front wings or cutting corners, running out of tyres, using my KERS strategically.. Probably my best win in any racing game ever.

    Avatar of Nick

    Forum is acting up for me, so no idea if/when this post shows up.


    Pretty straightforward qualy session; out last minute and grab the pole. In the race I came under a lot from Hamilton and Schumacher once more, but held them off. Because I have found out in quick races that leaving the pit on a lap where a lot of people pit can be a hassle, I figured I’d try to pit late. It ended up costing me quite a bit of time, because I was either missing or sliding out of every apex. I came out alongside Hamilton, grabbed the inside line to the chicane and led until the end. Hamilton came close a few times in the DRS zone, but unlike my first season I know how to fend off the AI without breaking their front wings now.

    Great Britain
    Q: 7th
    R: 1st

    From this race on, I decided to not use flashbacks anymore, unless I get an odd penalty (which tends to happen in FP3 or qualifying as I tend to collect a slow AI driver weaving or taking the ideal line). My strategy of going out at the last second went very well, until Q3. My lap was sloppy, missing the apex through Arena and nearly going off in Copse. Still, I had been quickest all weekend by some margin, so I managed to end in 7th. I didn’t have enough fuel for another lap, so that was it.

    At the start I managed to get in front of everyone bar Rosberg and Hamilton (who seems to be the chosen AI driver to make my life difficult this career season), who I managed to pass before Copse. Unlike my first season I also made some adjustments to my Time Trial set ups for the race and didn’t get into any trouble with the AI, lapping about 7 tenths a lap faster than the rest. In FP3 I noticed I suddenly managed to keep the tyres alive very long, so I made a late stop again. I came out behind Maldonado somehow, but he was yet to pit, so that problem disappeared as soon as it appeared.


    I did a lot of running on used tyres during FP3, since I typically struggled with worn tyres. I noticed my times were still better than the AI’s, so checked if I accidentally left the difficulty on Amateur (fun for 25% quick races to lap everyone), but I hadn’t. I ended every session fastest, on the prime tyre..

    During the race, I walked away from the AI, even on the primes. When I stopped for the options, I started lapping 1.5 seconds faster than Hamilton in P2 and actually lapped 3 backmarkers.. Probably my most dominant win with AI set to Legend, but I have no idea why. It’s getting a little boring..

    Avatar of Nick

    I declined an offer from Mercedes to join their team mid-season as I have just gotten equal status at Red Bull and we’re leading the constructors’ title. They also made no indication of who I’d replace, as Rosberg and Schumacher are pretty much equal 3rd in the standings; right now I don’t feel like ousting Schumacher from the game, as fighting him in F1 2012 takes my mind off his current condition for a bit..

    R: 1st

    FP3 and Qualyfying were pretty straightforward, however the AI surprised me in Q2 by suddenly beating my by a second to P1 and 2, but being a second and a half down on that time in Q3. The AI in this game is really predictable and I don’t think I’ll continue into a 3rd season after this.

    The race was a lot more exciting, as I originally wanted to box a lap later than the AI again, but I ran out of rear tyres 3 laps before my scheduled stop. So I decided to go in, leading Vettel by only a fraction more than a second (non-ideal set up once more) and came out in 17th, in front of Alonso (who, along with Raikkonen, can’t seem to catch a break in this game). I made a bad call, though, as Alonso was catching me and Petrov in front of me only lost a second in the first lap behind him, but he managed the gap in the second lap. Ultimately everyone pitted and I came out in the lead, just in front of Vettel, who spent the rest of the race catching me. I had a lot of fun defending from him in the final 2 laps with worn tyres and him having DRS every time.

    Still, I’m a little disappointed I can beat the AI on legend mode with a gamepad and a driving style that eats tyres..

    Avatar of Nick

    Seems I’m the only one still playing!

    Q: 10th
    R: 1st

    As you can maybe tell from the time in between posts, it had been a while since I last played the game. I tried to get my old steering wheel to work, but it’s simply not up for the task and slowed me down a lot. By the time I did qualifying, I still had to get the hang of the game again and while I led Q1 and Q2, I simply couldn’t put in a decent lap in Q3.

    I ran past positions 9 through 5 at La Source, emerging next to Alonso and Schumacher. Using some tactics I managed to scare the AI into giving me 3rd, allowing me to catch up with Rosberg in 2nd and Hamilton in 1st. I caught both going into Les Combes (even with the AI at Legend I can outbreak the AI easily into most turns..) and tried to run with it. I kept my options alive for long enough, pitted and re-emerged in 3rd behind Schumacher and Alonso. Both pitted and while I had Hamilton and Rosberg all over my back for a couple of laps, using all my KERS at Kemmel basically rendered their DRS useless.

    After Spa I selected Hamilton as my rival, with him actually challenging me in the races and the WDC.

    R: 1st

    Qualifying never has been my strong point, but I had no excuses for finishing 2nd in Q3, especially since I annihilated the field in Q1 and Q2. Hamilton was on pole, but as per usual, I managed to beat him into the first corner and wasn’t really bothered by him afterwards. At least, had I not gone off at the 2nd Lesmo. In the run up to Ascari, Hamilton put his car alongside me, I closed the gap and as sure as you’ll get a penalty for hitting a stalled car in the back, his front wing went off because my side pod touched it.

    Vettel and Rosberg never came close to challenging me, Hamilton finished in 8th, despite running 4th after pit stops.

    I got my first contract offers for 2014 as well, but I’m not all that interested in leading Force India, MArussia or HRT!

    Q: 1st
    R: 1st

    For some reason, the set up I have found for this track is utterly fast, but completely impossible to keep the tyres alive on. I took pole by 1.4 seconds in Q3, built a gap of 3 seconds in the first lap, only to have my tyres destroyed at lap 3. I boxed for the primes, but the game somehow sent me out on USED primes. I managed to get to the Singapore Sling on them, then I crashed. I had 3 more attempts at actually getting to the point in the race where rain was predicted, but the game kept penalizing me for running into crashed Ferrari’s, spinning out of chicanes and at some point game me a corner cutting warning for entering the pits.

    I decided to put the AI on amateur for this race, pit once for new options, once for rain tyres and just have some fun. Not that I had any, because the AI still managed to crash and get me 30 seconds worth of penalties for causing collisions.

    God, I hate this game.

    Avatar of Fixy

    Race 10: Germany
    Qualifying: 18th – Race: 5th

    I was only three tenths from Q2 but never could put in a good lap; Petrov was 21st. Between turns 1 and 2 I recovered to fourth place, then kept a good pace as I was only a second slower than Grosjean ahead of me and Button had trouble passing as I was the fastest driver through sector 2 and I always held a little margin going into the DRS zone. I pitted on lap 7 and Rosberg leapfrogged me by waiting an extra lap to stop. After Vergne pitted on lap 11 I had no one behind me for seconds and I could concentrate on my driving, as I lapped in the 1:21s repeatedly. The fastest lap was lowered by Rosberg and Hamilton and eventually became a 1:18.9. Hamilton recorded a hat-trick and now leads me in the drivers’ championship.

    Avatar of Fixy

    Race 11: Hungary
    Qualifying: 11th – Race: 1st

    I reached Q2 in 15th place, then I was 10th for a brief time in Q2 but I lost out to Grosjean by half a tenth. Hamilton started from pole but on my side was the weather: heavy rain meant no pits tops on the wet compound. I started well and courageously took the inside line and braked late at turn 1 to take the lead. I lapped slower than what my rivals could have done but I wasn’t slowing them enough for them to swap positions frequently. On lap 10 Rosberg, unfortunately for him, tried to overtake me and I cleanly edged him and as he touched the kerb he moved off track and lost several positions. On lap 11 my KERS started malfunctioning and I couldn’t defend on the main straight. Luckily on that lap there were yellow flags waving, and in the upcoming two laps I used my full engine power to defend. It started working again and as the tyres degraded I had some more scares on the kerbs which I carelessly continued using, especially on entry to the chicane. Webber got past Vettel and unfortunately Hamilton clinched the final podium position limiting my points gain to 10, which still means that I’ve taken the lead of the championship back for now.

    Race 12: Belgium

    Qualifying: 19th – Race: 5th

    I did all I could in qualifying but with 1.3s to recover to be 18th I didn’t even try and settled for 19th, whilst Petrov was 23rd. I had a good start and stuck to the inside of La Source to recover to around 12th place, then overtook some cars on the outside of Eau Rouge and some exiting Raidillon, among which Hamilton who had started 2nd. Thanks to the KERS, the tow, the maximum engine power on the Kemmel straight I was now up to 5th and decided that was enough as the Mercedes ahead of me ran away into the distance. Through battles and probably accidents between the drivers chasing me, so close to each other, I earned some margin on the cars behind and by the time I pitted only Maldonado and Raikkonen were in a group with me. I managed to keep ahead of both during the stop and recovered the two lost positions on the next lap as Senna and Kobayashi pitted too. I still was 5th and defended with all my KERS battery against the attacks in the DRS zone, and despite having to out-break Raikkonen a couple of times I stayed ahead and salvaged an excellent 5th place which has only cost me two points to Rosberg, my second-nearest rival, and was worth a full ten points on the pointless Hamilton.

    Avatar of Fixy

    Race 13: Italy
    Qualifying: 18th – Race: 1st

    I used all my three sets of mediums but I wasn’t able to improve the time I set on my first lap, especially in the second sector. I did so by a quarter of a tenth on my last lap but I was one tenth off Q2 and qualified 18th, five positions ahead of Petrov. I didn’t have a brilliant start but I braked late and earned some places, then used the tow at Curva Grande to pass both Mercedes and Hamilton to take 4th place. Button spun out at Lesmo 2 and Grosjean passed Vettel for the lead at Variante Ascari. This allowed me into their tow and Vettel still trying to take the lead back helped me: at della Roggia I overtook Vettel, and Grosjean’s defending line allowed me to attack him going into Lesmo 1 to take the lead myself. This was one of my toughest defensive drives, as both at Curva del Serraglio and on the Rettifilo my DRS-equipped opponents had good runs, especially as I could never get the exit of Lesmo 2 completely right. I led Perez on lap 6 as I pitted, and lost time behind di Resta as he cost me downforce and Petrov overtook me in the first DRS zone, forcing me to overtake him on the outside of Ascari. Nonetheless Perez was exiting the pits as I approached Variante del Rettifilo and I out-braked him and passed him on the outside. The drivers battling behind me meant that at least once every two laps I had less to worry about in the DRS zones: Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso overtook Perez initially. On lap 10 Hamilton was going to attack me going into Ascari but I saw him slow down and pull aside as he retired from second place. Vettel, Perez and Alonso had a scrap for the podium positions. I started the last lap by lapping Glock and immediately after I lost the lead to Vettel on the pit straight. I braked very late but cut off Vettel on the exit of the first chicane to hold onto my lead, and dragged the car across the finish line as the chequered flag waved above me. Just before the race I’d chosen Vettel as my championship rival, and with this runner-up position he’s now third in the standings not far from Hamilton.

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