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    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but its currently being made by the guys who made the Shift games, and if this feature list is to be believed, it is everything I want in a racing game!




    You can follow the latest news on it here:



    I’m interested to see what licenses they get for open wheelers, or if they end up going for fictional cars.


    If only this wasn’t on PC. I’d be all over it.



    According to their site, the full release will be cross platform.


    Stephen Jones

    it’s got a real weird sales model, where the more money you input, the more game you get to play/get to influence

    so for about (from memory) $5 you can post on the forums, $20 you can play the game which is updated monthly, $50 for a game which is updated daily plus you can watch the dev meetings..
    then it goes right up to paying 1000s of dollars and being able to voice your concerns at the meetings and directly contacting devs..

    it’s a novel idea!



    @magnificent-geoffrey It’s going to be on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U as well, so you should be able to play it in some form. Expect the Windows version to come first though, and then be ported over.

    I looked at some footage of the game on YouTube, and while it’s a bit broken (although that’s to be expected at this stage), many of the fundamentals are there. I just hope the unique community model doesn’t mean the game gets bogged down. It’s set for a 2013 release and I hope it stays there. Having said that, as someone who will be picking up a Wii U, I’ll have a very close eye on this.


    Really? Well I take that back then.

    I remember the good old days of PC sim racing for me with GP4, GPL, GTR and F1C. They were good games, but PC maintenance and upgrading is just too much hassle and expensive for me these days.



    I know this thread hasn’t had any activity for over a year, but I just wanted to post this video of the game, which shows just how far the project has come. The fact that it’s a video of Suzuka is fitting for this weekend also.


    The sound has been improved and the graphics/effects are simply outstanding!

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