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    dk masi


    I am developing a DIY F1 rig, I thought you fellas would be interested.

    More info here: bit.ly/prosimsupport

    Here is the full specs:

    ProSIM Formula Cockpit Full Specs – In the Drawing Board
    – True seating position and measurements within confines of FIA restrictions
    – Can be enclose if so chosen. Dimensions abide by FIA Technical regulations
    – Adjustable wheel mount; angle and height
    – Adjustable pedal mount; rake
    – Materials to be used = MDF and Aluminum


    ProSIM F1 Prototype V4




    Not really sure I got the spirit of the Red Bull. Liking the McLaren better.

    Compared to ProSIM Prototype V3




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    Haha that looks great fun, especially the closed version. I’m not sure I’d want one in my living room though. If I understand correctly you’re selling the manuals to build one? What kind of materials will we need?


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    dk masi


    Yeah, it’s about 1800mm long, or about 72 inches. It’s narrow though. It’s a mix of wood (mdf, pine, etc) and aluminum. Yes, the DIY guide will be offered soon. Then when time permits, will be selling custom build ones with Vinyls like above (unlikely in the next 6 months).

    I’ll post updates here as the project progresses. :)


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    @masi23 – This is so awesome! I’ve always wanted to give this a go, but my technical know-how is somewhat limited, so a guide would be perfect :). Can’t wait for more updates.


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    Just a thought – in my experience the wheel mount in a setup like this needs to be very robust. Do you think the two vertical supports will be strong enough?


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    I hope everyone is really slim to be able to fit in a closed model btw, I’m sure I wouldn’t fit myself!


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    dk masi


    @ MazdaChris – I have a GT Rig with a similar wheel mount like this one, here’s a pic:

    It is very sturdy. Rock solid, as you can see, I am using a T500.

    @ Roald – haha measure the width of both your knees together, if it’s more than 400mm, then yeah, you probably will not fit. This can easily be remedied by widening some of the parts and disregarding the FIA restrictions.

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