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PS4 does not support Logitech Wheels

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    Shocking isn’t it?

    Well it was news to me, I don’t know if it has been mentioned here before but here is a heads up!

    We Tried Drive Club yesterday as it is the first driving game to be released on PS4 and to my horror the Logitech DFGT would not work, fiddled with settings for ages and resorted to searching for information online and it would appear that NO Logitech wheels will work on the PS4.

    And it is not just Logitech, as far as I am aware, only certain Thrustmaster wheels will work!

    Whenever asked, both Sony and Logitech avoid the question.


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    Harry Westwood

    What?! That’s not cool that is seriously out of order… They’re showing a distinct lack of respect for a large portion of their fans right there.

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    What the… That’s is a huge disappointment. Spent around $500 early this year on a Logitech g27. To hear I won’t be able to use it for the PS4 and F1 2015 is really frustrating. Hopefully this isn’t the end of it and maybe they will support it sometime, hopefully soon.

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    I don’t think they are going to, as they have withdrawn from the Wheel market.

    Although nobody has/will confirm it, Thrustmaster’s financial report mentions an exclusivity deal with the PS4 as a positive factor in their projected revenues forecast.

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    All this exclusivity crap is just one more reason for me to avoid buying a console.

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    Damn that’s disappointing. I guess I definitely won’t be buying a PS4, PC all the way from now on…

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