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F1 Games

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A place to discuss Codemasters’ F1 games, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, rFactor, iRacing and everything else to do with virtual motorsport.

rFactor 2


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    “To whet your appetite and set the scene for the upcoming beta testing release of rFactor 2. Please note that these shots were captured without some final effects (such as in-game/sim HDR) and with some video editing effects. Not intended as a representation of final quality.”

    i really, really want this

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    here’s another good one:

    holy crap! how would you like to live in one of those houses, just to have a race car hit you like an asteroid?


    As much as I loved GPL and F1C in their day and as good as rFactor 2 looks and undoubtedly will be, I’m not going to be getting it. I can’t be bothered with PC sim racing these days. It involves too much faffing about with hardware, mods and compatibility issues for me. I wish they’d have ported it for consoles. I’d be all over an rFactor-esque simulation for PS3.

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    You’ve made my day, looks brilliant

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    I never warmed to rFactor, I felt it was too similar to F1C without significant improvements, and with menus I didn’t like, so I used F1C for every season available. rFactor had other series as well, but I couldn’t be bothered about those.
    Now rFactor 2 looks brilliant, and if there are multiple seasons and the game is so realistic I might try the evaluation version and see if it’s really good.

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    Oh man. Ever since I veered away from GPL for iRacing, I’ve had a little itch for classic F1 racing. This is looking SO TEMPTING.

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    Looking pretty good.

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    @magnificent-geoffrey Apparently rFactor 2 will have a system in place to stop such problems:

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    That looks fantastic! BUT… I know it’s WIP, but the driver doesn’t visually change gears yet…

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    Keith Collantine

    A few more interesting announcements on this recently including:

    Officially-licensed Silverstone track:

    And officially-licensed Indianapolis Motor Speedway plus several IndyCars including the current Dallara DW12, Jacques Villeneuve’s 1995 Reynard 95i, the Adrian Newey-design March 86C and more.

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    yeah, good news, but we’re waiting for Godot… when i first heard about rFactor 2, Sebastian Vettel still had no WDC in his CV.

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    R.J. O’Connell

    @matt88 It’s nowhere near as bad as the wait for LFS S3, trying to get Grand Prix Legends on, or a new F-Zero game on Nintendo’s new consoles and handhelds. At least rFactor 2 has playable demo builds.

    Also, heck yes, Reynard 95i.

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    Keith Collantine

    Here’s a Marussia MR01 in action, not sure if it’s licensed or not:

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    If you have functioning ears you’ll love this video (edit: thought I don’t think the sound matches the car, unfortunately. Still awesome though):

    This might be the game that convinces me to upgrade my PC. It looks and sounds absolutely epic!

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    @lin1876 I recognise those sounds – those belong to the F1SR mods for rFactor, specifically the early 90s Renault V10. Not a turbocharged Honda.

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