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RRR F1-Asia Championship

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    Check out these 2 videos of last night’s RRR Championsip race :)


    (34:10 to 41:10 is the bit you need to watch, especially the overtake at the end)


    As for RRR, some of you may have heard of it, it was started as a place for fellow posters on F1F to race each other :)




    You must have had a glimpse of Schumacher vs Barrichello in Hungary 2010!



    If anyone is looking for a group to join to have to have some fun and competitive racing, RRR is the way to go! They’re serious about their racing, but that’s second to going out there and having fun. They race in a couple of different games, so there should be something for everyone.



    @JPedroCQF1 Exactly that! The battle with @bookoi was awesome, we were chasing each other round the track for a good 15-16 laps altogether and I was eyeing up moves down the straight every lap. Tried the outside, didn’t work, tried the inside, no luck there. Tried to blast by him when he wasn’t expecting it and it just about worked :D



    Tried to blast by him when he wasn’t expecting it and it just about worked

    @pjtierney lol, so after surviving numerous DRS attacks on the same straight and having you right behind me the whole lap, I wasn’t expecting you to make a move? :P

    Twas a great scrap though, really, really enjoyed it. The fact that we ended up recreating a famous real life moment was the icing on the cake.



    2 laps earlier I tried it but you had me covered at the hairpin.
    Then I tried the outside and that didn’t work.
    So Fuel mix 3 + full Kers + DRS had to be done :p

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