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    I’m a big fan of simulation/strategy/management games like SimCity, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Theme Hospital, etc, as well as obviously loving racing games with a management twist such as Grand Prix Manager.

    Has there been or does anybody know of a game that mixes the two? A management game that sees you as the owner of a plot of land with a dream to turn it into an FIA Grade 1 motorsport facility?

    If not, why not, damnit?! You’d start with your plot of land and a small amount of cash, draw out a dirt layout in your field and start inviting local car clubs to hold rally events there. Eventually you could afford tarmac and a paved area for the paddock. Eventually you’d have a kart track, followed by a national-level road course.

    You’d have to negotiate deals with governing bodies to get them to come and race at your circuit. The ultimate goal would be to have F1 (or the closest unlicenced generic single seater series) visit you on a yearly basis.

    You’d design your track layouts (even building an oval if you wanted to), adding gravel traps, grass, tarmac and barriers, even having multiple layouts. You’d choose where to position facilities, grandstands, pit and paddock buildings. You’d set ticket prices, cut deals with companies buying track-side sponsorship, manage advertising. Maybe you’d even build a business and technology park on the side and have a race team move in, choosing your circuit as their test venue.

    Would any other F1Fanatics play a game like “SimRaceTrack”?

    I know I certainly would.



    Cool idea. I would. I loved Theme Park / Sim City / Theme Hospital. Imagine you getting the FIA Grade 1 and then Bernie wants silly money to host the F1 race. :D


    Stephen Jones

    I play this game in the front cover of my maths book!

    but yeah, i’d buy this


    rob lomas

    That would be a really cool game and all it needs are some devs



    Codemasters’ F1 Online: The Game is kinda like this, but to a lesser extent than what is described.



    @brazil2007 What, you can build your own tracks from scratch and attract different racing series to race there?


    James Brickles

    Superb game idea. But with me, I’d love it even more if I can drive on the circuit as well. ;)



    @ajokay Sadly not. You run your own team, though. You start with some pretty low quality facilities, and you get to build them up, and improve your R&D department, etc.


    not exactly what you say , ut in the early 90’s there was a F1 game where you could create your own tracks, and (ahead o its time I think) you could change the names of the team drivers, so actually you were able to create your own team as well. I don’t remember the name of that game (Schum was on a benneton and the mclarens were in the old white and red livery, any help with the name PLEASE!!!



    Might it have been one of Geoff Crammond’s efforts? GP2 was based off the ’94 season and I’m pretty sure driver & team names could be edited; only thing is I don’t remember there being an in-built track editor, just several unofficial ones lovingly crafted by various clever programmers.



    @omarr-pepper http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formula_One_video_games a wikipedia list of f1 games. maybe one of the names will jog your memory



    @brazil2007 ahh, completely different idea then. No, F1 Online is just a manager game. I still play Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix Manager 2 for those thrills (there’s a mod team that have brought it up to date) – which is the game @omarr-pepper might be thinking of.

    I still would love a game where you start with a plot of land and work your way up to International A-Grade motor racing circuit owner and operator though.

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