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Virtual Grand Prix Championship

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    Nic Morley


    Nic Morley

    What is Virtual Grand Prix Championship you ask?


    VGPC or otherwise known as simply GPC is a virtual AI driver championship I run on F1 Challenge 99-02 (currently running on a 2010 mod). All drivers and teams are completly made up but run on past and present tracks from the F1 calander. Races are AI controlled and run every Sunday.

    I have been running the GPC since mid 2010, as it is now in the middle of it’s seventh season I have decided I might share the creativity and see what people think. Currently there are 12 teams and 24 drivers, three in the field are world championships.

    Here are the world driver champions and constructor champions by season:

    Season 1: Ivan Pruett___Nakley
    Season 2: Luiz Santos___Peugeot
    Season 3: Luiz Santos___Fast Orange
    Season 4: Gus Addison___Fast Orange
    Season 5: Gus Addison___Fast Orange
    Season 6: Luiz Santos___Lamborghini

    Drivers and teams competing in GPC Season 7:


    01) Luiz Santos (BRA)
    Luiz Santos is a three time world champion from Brazil. Despite arrogant and making many enemys around the paddock, the Brazilian is considered the best driver in the field.

    02) Luigi Vitalio (ITA)
    Having just missed out on the title last season, Vitalio is a very quick driver, however inconsistent. Believes he is better then his teamate, get’s winded up easily.

    Fast Orange-Holden

    03) Gus Addison (AUS)
    A two time world champion and considered Luiz Santos’s biggest rival. Addison is usually conistent and making his way up into podiums (kind of like Alonso). Usually get’s better treatment over teamate.

    04) Will Spargrove (AUS)
    Spargrove has spent most of his career in average teams although taking wins and poles, only now has he been given the chance to drive for Fast Orange. However Fast Orange is (Team Addison), so this makes life difficult to the man considered one of the best in the field


    05) Mikko Heininen (FIN)
    Heininen is considered one of the fastest drivers over a single lap, however so many poles have not been converted into wins due to reliabilty and driver error. Heininen is only foused on himself and is not one to mess with on track

    06) Ivan Pruett (GBR)
    Since winning the first ever championship, Pruett has seemed to have lost motivation. While taking the odd win here and there, the Scot rather seems uniterested and miserable, and usually outpaced by his teamate. Retirement from the sport has been mentioned a few times.


    07) Kyle Aroni (ITA)
    One of the older drivers in the field, speed is not his specialty. Although slower than his teamate the Italian always is in contention to score points, and the odd podium. Aroni usually is very friendly to other drivers, which in a way hurts him out on track.

    08) Mika Salonen (FIN)
    Salonen has made a very impressive start in his rokkie season, scoring in most races. As a rookie the Fin has tangled, to the frustration of other drivers. The speed and consistency is there, surely being noticed by other teams.


    09) Jewel Barclay (CAN)
    Barclay started his career with promise, however seven seasons later a win is still to be found. While his teamate is in championship contention, Jewel is not. The Canadian is always thankful to the team when he does well, blames himself when the team does poor.

    10) Daniel Bruner (AUS)
    Daniel is Nakley’s protege, the driver the team have supported all the way through his early career. Now driving for the team the Australian has brung the team back into championship contention.



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