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    I would have loved to have bought F3 GOTY because the extra stuff seems really cool. I’ve found this – http://www.gamestop.com/ps3/games/fallout-new-vegas-ultimate-edition/98328 – so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it. Can’t wait to play it.


    I love racing games, but not only f1 ones.
    – NFS Pursuit 2010
    – NFS Most Wanted (don’t confuse it with THE most wanted that was released in ’12 or ’13, the one I like is from 2009 I think, or even older)
    – Tekken )the original version, because I have a slow laptop and this game is the only one that runs decently, and also because is for 2 players)
    – I was playing Assasin’s Creed Revelations last year, but the game never got me “addicted”, so I just uninstalled it. The same with an old mistery game called “Call of Cthulhu” a game about Lovecraft’s Universe. That game is so boring! A lot of cinematics and really little to play, and the riddles to discover are so intricated, I guess I like games where I just play straight away, not the ones where I’m wondering what the hell to push or pull to open a door.
    Lately i played and finished Flatout Carnage (an excellent racing-destructino derby game) and nowadays I’m playing “Split/Second” a game which is about a reality show program where every episode is a race with hazards (ala Death race movie). It’s great, but I don’t have much time to play it these days.



    I’ve been singing the praises of Game Stock Car to anyone who cared to listen – and several who didn’t – which is about to get this free update.

    The shriek, gentlemen, the shriek.

    It might not look half as flash as some of the new games out, but the physics are the mutt’s. A bargain for $US25.



    @steevkay I agree. Fallout 3 is completely brilliant. I can forgive all the glitches. I have spent sooo many hours on that game, DLC’s and all. Obviously, Broken Steel is just a continuation of the main story, and it was a brilliant addition. Of the DLCs, I’ve got some mixed feelings. Mothership Zeta was very linear, and kinda freaky, and I’m scared of heights so sorting out the Death Ray thing was scary as hell. Didn’t really like it. Operation Anchorage had a different feel, was still very linear, but all of the goodies you got after returning to the Wasteland, were brilliant. The Pitt. I loved that. A *huge* new space for wandering around and blowing things up. Point Lookout was great, but the first time I did it, I was so glad I brought my ghoul mask!

    Fallout New Vegas, I have similar feelings about it. Glitches galore, but I still love it.

    I have never got into the other Oblivion/Skyrim games either, and I’ve really tried, but I just don’t like battling dragons with magic spells etc.

    This last while, I’m playing a few games. Killzone (really difficult) and Outlast (which is scary as hell!) on the PS4, The Last Of Us (almost perfect!), Bioshock (all of them) on the PS3 and Forza on the XBox (it’s the only game I own, and I’m terrible at it).

    I’m looking forward to Thief, Dying Light and Watch Dogs on the PS4. I’ve seen some preview videos on various YooToob channels, and they look very promising.



    @Spud – Couldn’t agree more about Outlast, it really is scary as hell. Just finished it as well, which I’m really happy about, given how difficult it was to play at first.

    Right now I’m playing the occasional race on F1 2013, but most of all, I’m on the PS4 now. Have the odd game on Fifa with friends, but lately have been playing Warframe and Outlast, which are both good games (especially given that they are free). Will be playing Infamous: Second son once it comes out though – so excited for it!



    @spud The great thing about modern racing games is that you can tailor it to your skill level; obviously I want the games to pose a bit of a challenge, but I also want to win. I have a really hard time modulating throttle with the Xbox 360 contorller, so I use traction control, but I have a much easier time modulating brakes so I turn off ABS/Brake assist. I’m rubbish at spotting racing lines (in games, anyway), so I always keep them on as a guide (my big issue is overshooting braking points and picking the right place to start the turn).

    A friend of mine had sent me a trailer for Watch Dogs, and I really like the concept. With these new generations of consoles, I really hope to see some more creative, free-roaming games.



    Can I also add Uncharted to the list of great games I’ve played. I’m just coming up to finishing what probably is my sixth or seventh playthrough of Uncharted 2. The perfect word to describe this game is – epic. I couldn’t recommend it enough. I’ve played Uncharted 1 and 3 aswell, and they were both brilliant, but the second one will always be my favourite.



    @jamiefranklinf1 @steevkay I’ve watched TheRadBrad from Yootoob play Outlast (and a bunch of other stuff too) and his commentary is hilarious. I’m waiting until I can pluck up the courage until I play the game though. :P I’ve been on the PS4 for some time now and I love it. I’ve just finished Killzone the other night so I’m pretty pleased with myself. I’ve still got a lot of time for my PS3 though, but pretty much 0 time for driving games anymore. I’ve never really been any good at them, driving aids or not. Although I do take part in some Really Rubbish Racing races midweek, and Collantine Cup events at the weekend, which are good fun, but I completely suck at too.

    I have FIFA on the PS4 too, but I don’t ever play it. I think I’ll trade that as soon as Thief comes out. Watch Dogs looks really good. Ubisoft made one of my favourite games ever, and with Watch dogs being in a futuristic era, I’m excited for that. It’ll be good indeed.



    @insilico – Have to agree there. Don’t really know which of my three is my favourite, but they have kept me very entertained. Part of me wants to say the first is my favourite, just because I played it through on every difficulty, collecting every treasure and trophy until I got platinum, which was very rewarding. Still, I can’t wait for Uncharted 4’s release :D



    @jamiefranklinf1 Yeah it’s a great series. I’ve only just now started to collect trophies and stuff as I normally don’t focus on that but to get a platinum trophy in any Uncharted must be very difficult. I can’t imagine what “crushing” difficulty must be like. A tiny little thing which I have a slight grievance with is the stealth as sometimes you are spotted by the enemy for no apparent reason and in a lot of cases, it’s impossible to advance past a certain area using only stealth so you have to start shooting and be spotted. As a guy who always tries to do things as sneakily as possible in most games, it’s a tad annoying but nothing to detract from what is a spectacular series.

    Stealth is what I love so I also love Metal Gear Solid. I’ve gone about these games differently aswell, as I’ve played the 4th one (Guns of the Patriots) first, then played the second one (Guns of Liberty) and then Snake Eater (the third one). So it’s been really difficult getting a grasp of what is a really confusing story line for most of them but I still love all of them.

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