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What is your setup for your virtual racing environment?


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    My setup is a Xbox wireless racing wheel (by wireless they mean no wires to the console, there are still wires for power, and between the wheel and pedals), mounted to a homemade stand, which I pull up to the couch. It isn’t perfect, but it’s okay.

    The homemade stand is made from MDF, bolted to steel legs from a Table Mate II Tray which was about $20 – http://www.rkdm.com/tablemate/index.htm

    The pedals are zip tied to the MDF base, and the wheel is mounted using the clamp that came with the wheel.

    All up including the MDF, screws, hardware and the Table Mate II Tray it was probably about $50 to put together.

    Here is a picture – http://www.flickr.com/photos/64237546@N06/6179242703/

    BTW I only use it with an Xbox360. One day I plan to upgrade to Fanatec Wheel and Pedal combo, and a better stand.



    A fabric sofa

    A Sharp 42″ tv

    A Bose home cinema system

    A PS3 with controller pad



    I sit on floorboards and play on my 12″ Black and White TV, powered by a hamster in a wheel.



    regular old office chair, a Logitech Momo racing wheel and pedals, a 17″ monitor and my PC. I’d love to get myself a proper racing seat and racing gloves, though.



    TV that isn’t mine, wireless controller, office chair whose left-front wheel is prone to falling off, in a cramped bedroom



    @icthyes that’s the way to do it.

    Kickass avatar too btw.



    @electrolite why thank you



    I just bought an XBOX 360 and F1 2011. I still suck at it… could surely do with a steering wheel. Problem is that Microsoft stopped producing theirs and have only a “wii style” one now that doesn’t seem very exciting. The “Mad catz” ones seem not to make people happy so I was wondering what you guys use… looks like most of the XBOX guys in this thread go with the controller itself. But I would like getting a wheel. If I still suck, then I know the problem is not the controller!


    Stephen Jones

    @vinicius.jlantunes look up “Fanatec”.. they make high quality wheels for 360 (last i can remember)



    @iamsa8, thanks for the tip! I’ve been looking around and indeed the Fanatec ones look good. A bit expensive tough, but all of them are, so will have to use the controller for now… hope I get better!

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