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    For F1 in Pub meetups in London




    When: Sunday 25th March
    Where: The Mad Hatter, 3-7 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9NY
    Time: 8am
    Breakfast and drinks available. Totally free to attend (just at least buy a drink)

    Coverage: Sky Sports F1 HD

    RSVP: E-mail Kris Brown at kris.brown@f1inpubs.com



    Not feasible for me to attend this one, but definetely another one. Would be great to be able to watch the f1 with other fans, rather then on my own.
    In fact, this post is only to automatically join the group.



    Think this a brilliant idea! Agree with you Andy2286, would be great to watch with other F1 fans. I will try and get along to the next one.



    Who know’s, maybe Sky’s showing of F1 could be just the driving force to unite local members of the Fanatic forum…


    Anyone know if the Canadian will be on this Sunday?



    Hi topdowntoedown – definitely will be.

    I am personally likely going to the Famous 3 Kings (West Kensington tube stop) to watch, as the generally will put it on in a separate room so you can get the sound. Anybody interested, let me know.

    I have also watched in The Sports Bar (there are ones in Marylebone, Victoria and Farringdon). However, with the Euro games on this weekend, I am guessing that those games will be the big screen and sound items on.



    Famous 3 Kings let me down today. The manager said (2 hours before the race started) that she couldn’t switch the channel, because she couldn’t go upstairs to change the channel. Seriously? A sports bar could not switch to sports?

    Anyway, I left and went to the Sport Bar at Victoria Station – which didn’t have the sound on, but at least they had the video on.


    So, F3K is now on my crap list. This isn’t the first time. They used to be a decent place to see F1. However, the last 2 years they have fallen off the side. They discontinued chicken wings (what kind of sports bar doesn’t have chicken wings), they missed the start of a few GPs and now they didn’t show Canada at all.

    I have now moved on.




    Is anyone planning on going to the F1 in pubs event in London this weekend? I’ve just booked a ticket – refusing to give Sky my money and suspecting that beer and snacks might go well with F1…


    Gareth Adams

    Surprised no one’s mentioned the Jetlag bar near Tottenham Court Road. They show every session in the basement bar



    Gareth, Jetlag is our London location. Check out http://www.f1inpubs.co.uk to see our list of venues.


    Boxcar Racer

    Can you just turn up to an F1 pub on the day or do you have to buy a ticket?


    F1 in Brum

    Hi Mojo,
    I’m Birmingham but I know the answer to this….

    All our events are FREE so maybe out of courtesy you can send a message on our facebookpage http://www.facebook.com/f1inpubs or log onto our website and use the contact details http://www.f1inpubs.co.uk just so we can get some sort of idea of how many to expect to tell the bar in question

    Otherwise you’re welcome to just show up! Eat, drink, talk, make friends, sit alone in the corner, it’s up to you really!
    (Of course if you do come to birmingham there’s a danger I’ll harass you for your race opinions for the podcast…;-) )

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