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    Just thought I’d let anyone in Lincoln know either on this forum or through Google, that Rileys, Silver Street, Lincoln will be showing qualifying and the race for at least the Australian Grand Prix. I’m not sure what’s happening with the races that are on during football times, but you can be sure that the early races will definitely be there. You can see the post here where I asked about what they were doing: https://www.facebook.com/rileyslincolnsilver/posts/321895861195404

    I believe I read elsewhere that you need a pass to go into Rileys, but I’m not 100% sure so you may want to contact them http://www.rileys.co.uk/club/83/Lincoln,%20Silver%20Street

    I really don’t have time to be a ‘rep’ as such, (I’m a third year uni student) but if you do end up at Rileys on Saturday or Sunday, you will definitely see a bleary-eyed me there.


    I have just been in contact with Riley’s Lincoln and they will indeed be showing the race live on Sunday. They are however a members only venue and charge £10 for membership. You can get free membership by going through their web site and doing it on line at – http://www.rileys.co.uk/club/83/Lincoln,%20Silver%20Street
    Anyone with any info on other pubs and bars in Lincoln showing the races live please let me know.


    Hi Guys

    Just to let you know that Rileys will be showing the Austrailian Grand Prix and every Grand Prix Live in our venue.

    There is normally a £10 charge for membership, however, anyone who comes in to watch either the Practice Sessions, Qualifying, or the race itself and quotes this website, can get free membership instore.

    Also for the long haul races we will be staying open throughout the night to show them live.

    So just quote “f1fanatics” when you arrive to claim your free membership


    Cheers Derrick, will let everyone know.



    Result! Cheers Derrick.



    According to the Facebook page they’re showing a Sky re-run at 10.30 today.
    I went down there this morning, and once the late night revellers had left I had the whole bar to myself – you don’t get that at home! Thanks very much guys, I’m just disappointed I’m moving away from Lincoln in May!


    Just an update on the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend, and our coverage at Rileys.

    The first and second practice sessions are at 2am and 6am on Friday morning, we unfortuantly will not be showing these live although they will be recorded and repeated from 10:00 back to back Friday morning.
    The 3rd Practice session is on Saturday morning at 5am and will be shown live. Then the action steps up a gear as Qualifying gets underway from 8am.
    The Red lights go out for the race on Sunday morning at 9am

    Will this race be as exciting as Melbourne?

    Further details will follow later



    Hi, just a quick one. do Rileys in lincoln serve coffee? would be nice to see the race live, and oh, how much for breakfast if they do it? I live in Lincoln but only been to Rileys once for a pool match. Cheers …..



    They do serve coffee, and in terms of breakfast they serve bacon rolls. Nothing too fancy, but it’s all reasonably priced and served with a smile.



    Tell a lie, I had a look at the menu this morning and they do various rolls with breakfast stuff in them, and also I think I saw the word ‘omelette’ in there somewhere. Not sure, but you can get food, anyway.


    An update for you guys about the China GP and our plans

    The 3rd race of the calender is comeing up fast. Here is a run down of the action coming to your Rileys Fanzone live from China

    Fri 13 April 2012
    Practice 1
    Practice 2
    … Both Practice Sessions 1 and 2 will be show as live from 1030 on friday morning. these arfe the only parts of the race weekend we will not be covering live.

    Sat 14 April 2012
    Practice 3 04:00 – 05:00
    Qualifying 07:00

    Both Practice 3 and Qualifying will be shown live on the big screen, so you wont miss a trick.

    Sun 15 April 2012
    Race 08:00

    For all you race fans the race from china will go lights out at 8am. there will of course be all the build up prior to the race, Next to the big screen you will be able to keep up with all the action to with a choice of either the timing screen, driver tracker or on board cameras, What one we show is up to you on the day.

    There is no GP2 Action from Shanghai. the junior formular returns when F1 makes it anticipated return to Bahrain a week later

    The above times are session start times and not the times that the coverage will start. this information is direct from the FIA as Sky can be a little lax on updating there schedule.


    Further details will be updated on the events page on facebook. i will endevor to update you guys on here at the same time too.


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