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F1 in Pubs

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Bringing fans together.

Helping F1 fans meet up to watch F1 live races, qualifying sessions and more.

Find out more about F1 in Pubs at

What would you like to see on

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    Tell us what you think of the website? What needs to be changed? Added? What info would you like to see? Etc.

    Looking for a new web developer too to completely revamp the site so if you know anyone good – who can do it for a cheap cost or pro bono – let us know below.

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    One issue is that your site has a fixed width and requires horizontal scrolling on smaller monitors

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    I’m not a proper web designer, only using blogspot. How would I change that to make it more accessible?

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    What would be cool, clicking on “pubs near me” populated a google map with all the locations.

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    Yeah, I’d quite like to put something like that in myself. Problem is I’ll need someone who can do that sort of thing – I have no idea how to create it. May well ask our partner Match Pint to create us a little interactive tab. – Kris

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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