Who will be the next new drivers in F1?

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    Keith Collantine


    A simple question: Which driver who hasn’t started an F1 race do you think will be among the next to do so – and why?


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    David Not Coulthard


    Let’s see which Indonesian politician decides to make us fund Sean Gelael :p

    On a more serious note, If Kimi retires perhaps Giovinazzi will end up in Haas or something, unless Ferrari take VES which I think would see Gasly promoted instead


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    Ben Needham


    I think we’ll potentially see three next year at some point in the form of Leclerc at Haas, Gasly at Toro Rosso and whoever Honda places at Sauber.

    However, there’s bound to be someone with a budget who appears from the blue.


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    Bradley Downton


    Nobuharu Matsushita, at Sauber-Honda replacing Pascal Wehrlein for 2018.


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    David Not Coulthard


    @ben-n I’d love to see Kobayashi return to Sauber – especially now that DRS overtakes aren’t that common and preferable anymore.</p>
    <p>Not as likely as Sato though – and I do realise even that is unlikely


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    @keithcollantine You say that as if you know Kubica is coming back.


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    Leclerc and Gasly have to be the next two surely.


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    Evil Homer


    Pierre Gasly- Torro Roso will find a spot for him somehow if its Sainz being promoted to Red Bull if Dan or Max go to Ferrari (which now is getting more unlikely) or replacing him for Kyvat. Marko will always go for the next potential best thing in lieu of staying with a solid driver – JEV was a great example of this, he would still hold his own in F1 and was very competitive to Daniel who is now regarded at the top end.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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