Rate the 2017 cars: design and livery

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    After writing a comment about liking the Renault a lot, I also ranked the other cars that have been shown so far, which on a scale from 1 to 10 is as following:
    – Sauber: 4 – looks horrible no matter the angle, no correct that: only directly from the front does it look good, too bad I cannot see a silver lining here (pun intended)
    – Force India: 5 – that nose, ugh! average at best for all other angles, side is best
    – Mercedes: 7 – the livery really does nothing for me, too clinical, but the car itself is nice
    – McLaren: 7 – looks great from a lot of angles, but not so from certain others, mixed bag, but better than last year
    – Ferrari: 9 – despite the white elements (not my taste) everything is so balanced, doesn’t look aggressive, just beautiful
    – Renault: 10 – everything from the matte black finish, the carbon wings (not painted) and perfect gold-ish yellow colour to the aggressive lines and perfect contours, this is by far the best looking car

    I’ve omitted Williams, since they’ve just released a render that’s too dark to judge. We’ll see about that tomorrow.

    What do you guys think? Where do you rank these cars based on looks alone? So regardless of what’s your favourite team (mine’s McLaren) and driver, just an honest opinion on how these look. I took into account all angles, the lines, the livery, the extra parts (can make or break a design).

    Just found out after writing the above that I’m not sure how I feel about the shark fin on the Ferrari being higher than the rear wing. It looks off somehow, judging from the installation lap Kimi did.

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    James Brickles

    Mercedes – 8 – Probably the best looking of the cars we’ve seen so far, and I’ve never disliked the livery either, even if it doesn’t evolve.
    Ferrari – 6 – Very ambitious design, especially from the sidepods. Not too bad but I’ve never really been a fan of the extra white on the scarlet livery.
    Force India – 3 – Definitely my least favourite in terms of design and livery which is a shame. The colour scheme doesn’t work for me. I’ll still be cheering Perez on though.
    Williams – 6 – Appears to be very conservative design compared to others. Martini livery is a classic.
    McLaren – 8 – Orange!!! Enough said.
    Renault – 9 – Awesome livery and they’ve designed the shark fin nicely as well. The black Renault writing against the yellow rear wing works very well. My favourite Renault livery since 2010
    Sauber – 7 – I actually quite like the livery, like a throwback to 1996 and the design is pretty nice as well.

    I’m expecting the Red Bull to be a good looking car, they tend to be, and I like the matt design as well. Not sure what sort of design or livery Haas will bring, but it’ll be interesting to see if they’ll go any different to last year’s colour scheme.

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    Nic Morley

    Sauber – 7 – Don’t like the thumb nose, but shark fin is probably my favourite of the cars revealed so far…
    however it should be blue. Livery is great, although I don’t like the white splodges on the side pod.

    Williams – 7 – The livery doesn’t need to be changed after only three years. Most classic liveries are those that run for a few years, and I enjoy the livery. Thumb nose is ugly, but at least it haven’t got a shark wing.. yet anyway.

    Renault – 4 – Livery is a big step down from last year. I hate the amount of black at the rear of the car. Black is just so dull, and I can’t understand why so many teams are so obsessed with using it. They should have had black, but used it like they did in 2010. Shape of the car is nice apart from the thumb nose.

    Force India – 2 – This car is just foul. The nose, the sail, it’s just awful. The livery is once again dull and unimaginative their worst since they have been in F1. What’s wrong with some colour?!

    Mercedes – 9 – Brilliant car shape. The nose is great and they have avoided the shark wing. My favourite car shape since 2008. The livery is a step down from last year. I don’t like the extra green they have added.

    Ferrari – 5 – The sidepods are brilliant and unique. The livery is awful. The white shark fin looks stupid, and I really hate the usage of black on the bottom of the car. As long as they have that Maltboro inspired logo on their engine cover, it will always be bad.

    Mclaren – 4 – I love the orange they have chosen, but I absolutely hate the way they have used it. The weird black curve on the shark fin, and the black triangle just in front of the cockpit; looks so stupid. Overall the livery looks tacky and cheap and a huge disappointment.
    The shark fin/sail is horrible and so is the nose.

    0verall the car shapes are he best they have been since 2008. I just wish the shark fins didn’t come back, the thumb noses would dissapear, and the cars weren’t so long! The liveries this year are a step down from 2016. Sauber has improved, and so has Mclaren by adding a it if colour to the grid as tacky as it is.

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    Nice to sea the different views. Looks like we all agree on Force India, but Renault and McLaren seem to get different opinions.

    After today, I might add Williams:

    Williams – 6 – Basic livery and although the Martini sponsoring comes out awesome in the shark fin, it’s put at the worst spot on the front of the car. It almost looks as if they don’t want to give the front any colour (just like the rest of the car). Design wise it’s conservative as has been said already, I don’t think they will break into the top 3 with this car.

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    Nic Morley

    After seeing the ‘sail’ on the Williams I’m going to reduce my score for them to a 5. It looks horrible and completely ruins the look of the ‘faster more aggressive’ 2017 cars. The Williams from side on looks like a Limo. Sauber and Renault are the only ones who have done okay shark fins, 2008 style.

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    Kavin Kannan

    1. Mercedes – 9 – Brilliant car, the whole thing looks fantastic. I like the additions to he livery with those stripes.
    2. Renault – 9 – I love the car shape and the fin looks nice on this car. The rear also looks good and the livery is brilliant too.
    3. Red Bull – 8 – This is the best livery on the grid, as good as last season. However the nose doesn’t look very nice and the whole car is basic.
    4. Toro Rosso – 8 – Same story was Red Bull, a great livery but the nose doesn’t look very nice aswell.
    5. Ferrari – 8 – The car is so aggressive, the side pods looks great. Expecting a lot this season from them.
    6. Haas – 8 – Also a nice looking car, this is a great incorporation of a grey livery (McLaren 2015 was the opposite). The shark fin works well too.
    7. McLaren – 8 – To be honest I quite like the orange livery a lot! It is striking and in my opinion not too shabby as others make it to out to be.
    8. Williams – 7 – A lovely livery in all honesty, but that car is so boring. Looks like 2016 and isnt agressive enough in my opinion.
    9. Sauber – 7 – A nice livery which is a nice change from recent years, but the shark fins looks out of place and the nose isn’t very good looking.
    10. Force India – 3 – As you can see I adore 9 of the cars on this grid, but the tenth is a bit of a shambles. Force India have a horrible nose, a bland and plain livery and a shark fin which looks like a plastic board. And there my favourite team too….

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