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Your nightmare F1 calendar!

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    Profile photo of Rodney

    Taking the excellent idea from @mfreire and turning it upside down … if Bernie went mad one day (has that day already come?!) and he introduced a nightmare calendar, how would it look? Are there any other tracks you would never want to see again?

    Here is the calendar I wish I never see:

    1. Bahrain
    2. Abu Dhabi
    3. Paul Ricard, France (post-1986 layout)
    4. Jerez, Spain
    5. Barcelona, Spain
    6. Hungaroring, Hungary
    7. A1 Ring, Austria
    8. Hockenheim (new layout), Germany
    9. Turkey
    10. Azerbaijan
    11. Dallas, USA
    12. Las Vegas, USA
    13. Austin, USA
    14. Russia
    15. Malaysia
    16. China
    17. And getting the finale … S Korea!

    Profile photo of Marco Freire
    Marco Freire

    Thanks for the kind words. This is basically a compilation of all the GP’s and/or tracks that should never have been run into a feasible calendar:

    1. Bahrain (THIS GP MUST GO)
    2. Qatar (not run, but it’s been mentioned; this must never, ever be allowed to happen)
    3. China (I don’t care how popular this GP is- F1 has no business being on the Chinese mainland.)
    4. Azerbaijan (the track looks alright but Azerbaijan has no business hosting a GP)
    5. Iran (same situation as Qatar)
    6. Russia
    7. Phoenix, USA (Dullest F1 track ever…)
    8. Las Vegas, USA (in addition to the horrible Caesar’s Palace track, you could not possibly find a less glamorous and suitable location to stage a GP; people of taste who have not been there will want to leave immediately)
    9. France (Magny Cours) (I don’t like that track)
    10. Britain (London street track)
    11. Germany (New Hockenheim)
    12. Hungary (Hungaroring) (Was never sure about this event; Budapest is great, however.)
    13. Belgium (Nivelles)
    14. USA (Detroit) (This race had a charm of its own by being grueling, but nothing else is charming about Detroit)
    15. Argentina (Buenos Aires No. 6; that twisty variant of the facility unsuitable for F1)
    16. Abu Dhabi (This track needs to have its average speed raised by 35-40 mph; more fast corners, please and take out a the faux-street circuit-ness about it)
    17. Japan (Okayama, aka Aida) (Same situation as Buenos Aires)
    18. South Korea (what they were thinking when they decided to build a GP circuit in the middle of nowhere hours away from Seoul; maybe it was to be as far as possible from North Korea, I don’t know)

    Also Rodney I think including Dallas is a bit harsh as that pretty good track was made worse by the fact that F1 decided to hold that race in the face melting heat of a Texas July. Not a good idea.

    Profile photo of andae23

    Basically a list of circuits I dislike:

    1. Abu Dhabi
    2. Lausitzring
    3. Qatar
    4. Shanghai
    5. Caesar’s Palace
    6. Abu Dhabi (double points)
    7. Norisring
    8. Valencia street circuit
    9. Istanbul Park
    10. Snetterton
    11. Abu Dhabi (triple points)
    12. Azerbaijan Europe
    13. Paul Ricard
    14. Abu Dhabi (quadruple points)
    15. Assen
    16. Moscow
    17. Bahrain
    18. South Korea
    19. Sochi
    20. Phoenix street circuit
    21. Abu Dhabi (quintuple points)

    Profile photo of Marco Freire
    Marco Freire

    Also, Malaysia and the Valencia street circuit can get thrown in there.

    Profile photo of PorscheF1

    Surprised nobody has added Monaco yet.

    Like so:

    1) Monaco
    2) Monaco
    3) Monaco
    4) Monaco
    5) Monaco
    6) Baku
    7) Monaco (double points)

    Profile photo of JackySteeg

    1. Losail
    2. Sakhir
    3. Singapore
    4. Hockenheim (new layout)
    5. Baltimore Street Circuit
    6. Buddh
    7. Yeongam
    8. Valencia Street Circuit
    9. Barcelona
    10. Sochi
    11. London Street Circuit
    12. Shanghai
    13. Moscow Raceway
    14. St. Petersburg (USA) Street Circuit
    15. Detroit
    16. Abu Dhabi

    I reckon I couldn’t possibly ever be excited about the thought of a Grand Prix on a Sunday if that was the calendar.

    Profile photo of Nic Morley
    Nic Morley

    1. Abu Dhabi
    2. Bahrain – half points
    3. Baku – double points
    4. India (Buddh) – triple points
    5. Russia (Sochi) – quadruple points

    A month break between each race.

    Season ends

    Profile photo of Rodney

    @andae23 Yikes, Abu Dhabi five times … shoot me now!

    Thing is if it was up to Bernie, this is exactly what he’d do!

    Profile photo of PorscheF1

    4. India (Buddh) – triple points

    India though was a track loved by fans and drivers. Just not Indian fans as they thought F1 was a type of curry.

    Profile photo of Strontium

    I don’t get what the hate is for loads of these tracks. Some of them I understand, but others seem fine. And I think it is only fair if we give Baku a chance. I for one am looking forward to it a lot.

    Profile photo of zomtec

    I ever thought Lausitzring would have been a good venue for a race attended by 10,000s of Kubica fans, but those days are long gone now.

    Profile photo of Marco Freire
    Marco Freire

    Bahrain never produced a good race until last year (thanks to the awkward track layout, it needed DRS to bring it alive; that is how badly designed it is), and Baku looks alright- but I do not like the idea of staging a GP in countries with poor human rights records and severe restrictions on almost all facets of its inhabitants’ lives. These countries are small enough to be affected by something as exotic, glamorous, prestigious and (at face-value) innocently apolitical from any government politics. To have a GP being run in them- and both Azerbaijan and Bahrain distort the actual truth about what goes on in those countries; inviting foreigners to come to those countries makes it clear that the people who run those governments are not interested in their own people- but only themselves, and what they want.

    Profile photo of Marco Freire
    Marco Freire

    Baltimore? Really? The awful chicane was put there because of the above ground rail system there, which was slightly higher than the rest of the track, and they took out the chicane for the first practice session at the 2012 event, but it at one point made some IndyCars go airborne- but the circuit was actually quite good, and far more challenging than most other street circuits- it just wasn’t well managed.

    Profile photo of dragoll

    I’ve gone for a traditional season at some venues I dislike, however, Bernie’s dimentia takes a turn for the worse and he starts thinking outside the square on some of these circuits:

    1. Indianapolis, USA
    2. Hungaroring, Hungary
    3. Shanghai International, China
    4. Bahrain International, Bahrain
    5. Valencia, Spain
    6. Sochi, Russia
    7. Buenos Aires, Argentina
    8. Symmons Plains, Australia – this would be hilarious for F1, used for V8 supercars. Can you imagine Bernie in Tassie surrounded by all the greenies placarding the event ;)
    9. T1 Aida, Japan – used by F1s in early 90’s
    10. Ice race track, Finland – Although the more I think about this, I think this would be cool.
    11. Mawsons Point, Antarctica
    12. Sahara Desert

    At this point Pirelli have given up supplying tyres, walking away from the sport. Many of the teams folded, except for the big 4 after the Antarctica round, as many of the sponsors were upset about the fact that their products were not getting any penetration in the Antarctica market, they thought that this was a largely untapped market, but just couldn’t understand why the locals were not buying their goods/services.

    The championship officially wrapped up when Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and Mclaren cars couldn’t turn a lap in the Sahara dessert. The cars overheated while idling in the garages. No matter how many aero ducts they created for the cars, it just wasn’t keeping the cars cool enough. Mercedes even tried to remove the engine cover to provide relief to the engine, but this didn’t work. Honda was thinking outside the box when they attempted to open up the engine block to let the air cool the engine, but they were surprised when the engine wouldn’t start. Ted Kravits asked what they thought the issue was, Honda responded that they believed it was down to a calibration issue with the turbo. Ron Dennis could be seen in the background choking a Honda mechanic and screaming that they must do better.

    Bernie was last seen sitting in the middle of the silverstone track playing with some toy cars. To this day, some say that they can hear him crashing his toy cars together mumbling something about how the sprinklers had caught the field out…

    Profile photo of David Not Coulthard
    David Not Coulthard

    1.FIA Gala in Pyongyang (or in Death valley’s open space, or the Moon, or the DMZ)

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