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National anthem

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    Everytime at the end of the German national anthem for Vettel I’m humming the start of the Italian national anthem…

    I guess I’ve seen so many Schumacher & Ferrari wins the Italian anthem seems glued to the end of the German one….

    Profile photo of George

    If only. The Austrian anthem is the worst one I’ve ever heard

    Profile photo of Cristian

    We did once when he won for Toro Rosso !

    Profile photo of Icthyes

    I remember Allen saying how it was ominous that it was the same sequence as we got used to with Schumacher. Guess he was right!

    Profile photo of Strontium

    What was everyone’s opinion on that ‘British’ national anthem, ‘Gad Save our Queen’, today?

    Personally I thought it was a disgrace.

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    Bradley Downton

    @strontium – Oh, Alesha Dixon completely ruined it, and I didn’t think it was possible to ruin something that sounds so dull! We need a more chirpy upbeat anthem I think.

    Profile photo of Strontium

    Not only that, but surely the entire solo singing before a sporting event an American tradition? That isn’t wanted in Britain.

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    @strontium it happens here in Australia too, and personally I think it’s better that way. However I think it depends on the country. The Australian, American and Canadian anthems are all songs that are very specifically about the country. I mean, any monarchy could have God Save the Queen/King as the anthem, it’s not very specific to the country. But if any country other than Australia, America or Canada had “Advance Australia Fair”, “O Canada” or “The Star Spangled Banner” as anthems it would obviously be silly (although in the latter, the USA is never actually specifically mentioned).

    Basically what I’m trying to say is that, in my mind, the lyrics in the above anthems are much more significant and specific to the country than in the British anthem.

    Profile photo of David Not Coulthard
    David Not Coulthard

    I really don’t see why Brits seem to noy like their Anthem.

    Maybe there should be a referendum to replace it with Dancing with the Moonlit Knight though :p

    Profile photo of PorscheF1

    Well, all those Brits complaining about the ridiculous levels of nationalism is last years Russian GP sure need to take a look at how they act themselves.

    Profile photo of Strontium

    Would just like to say as a disclaimer, I wasn’t one of those! (Or I hope not at least.) And I personally don’t mind God Save the Queen, I think it is quite a tune!

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