1983 Austrian GP grid

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    Was watching some old race videos and stumbled across the 1983 Austrian Grand Prix – just look at the grid! Prost in 5th in the Renault (“look at the way Prost has angled his car, to sprint ahead, he hopes” says Murray Walker) and Mansell in the Lotus Renault parked a good foot or two behind his marker line. Sadly it didn’t work immediately for Prost, he stayed in fifth from the start but did go on to win the race!


    Charlie Whiting wouldn’t approve of that today, would he?



    I would certainly hope not! Prost’s front right looks to be slightly over the white line.


    Aish Heydrich

    Wow, that’s our A1 ring, amazing. When are they going to bring this back? I would love to see our newly christened Red Bull Ring in full glory next year. I can’t believe with all the DRS and KERS, Ecclestone and Co is skipping this venue. Or is it Dietrich is still not able to pull the right strings?!
    Time will tell, it’s still under renovation.

    @magnificent-geoffrey: I reckon if somebody does that now he’ll be black flagged. Or fined heavily. Or both.



    @aish unless it’s Pastor Maldonado.


    Aish Heydrich

    @electrolite: Haha yeah. I pity the company named PDVSA who is funding Pastor’s miserable outings. If I was a Williams tech working in their super awesome megafactory just outside London, I would be really pissed because there are about 150 guys who are working there round the clock 24/7 to get his drive fixed and he bashed up all three nosecones last race. But then again he’s paying our salary.

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