2011 Seats

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    Felipe Bomeny

    The big story here is the Iceman- that is, if it’s true. If not, Perez and Maldonado are in contention for a Sauber seat, but first, let’s see Nick’s perfromance in the Sauber. The only seat openings I see are 1 per each at the new teams, Renault, and Mercedes, possibly. Lotus could go to Grosjean or Petrov if Trulli does not retire. Virgin could give their seat to D’Ambrosio, if he can get the funds, or, Perez, although the Mexican has a stronger chance at Sauber with the Carlos Slim alliance. HRT can give their seat alongside Senna to Chandhok, Klien, or De La Rosa. Renault can go to Heidfeld, Klien, Sutil, Kimi, or stay with Petrov. And Mercedes’ seat, if needed, will go to Heidfeld or Sutil. If Force India terminate Liuzzi’s contract, then it will probably be a line up of Di Resta and…. Chandhok, who has proven himself in the Hispania. Whew! If not, expect to see a lot of mid-season changes. Did I forget anyone? If JV buys Virigin, who knows…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Villeneuve won’t buy Virgin. They’re not for sale.



    About Mercedes I think Schumi will race in 2011 with Roseberg with him as he is their future just give him the car.



    I just have a wierd feeling that Hispania is going to be the next Minardi. pay drivers and back of the grid team. As for the drivers, Maldonado deserves a crack at F1 and Perez, despite his huge backing, looks a decent driver aswell. Some drivers are going to end up being extremely unhappy at the end of this year. I can see Di Grassi, Chandhok, Petrov, Trulli and perhaps Liuzzi and Senna being the drivers most likely to lose out on a seat.



    It would be worth putting together a list of all the drivers and how long they are contracted for. Ferrari, RB, Maclaren and Renault have everybody signed for next year except Petrov. I am not sure what the contract statuses are for the other teams, but I recall that Trulli signed a 2 year deal with Lotus



    @welshf1 my biggest problem with HRT is that they just aren’t a likeable team in the same way as Minardi were!



    @welshf1 Minardi weren’t employing pay drivers, at least not as much as other teams at the bottom of the field throughout the years

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