2012 F1 season review: Best moments of the year

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    Antonio Nartea

    This is gonna be hard to choose from:

    – Sauber’s revival. Any circumstance that makes Peter Sauber shed tears of joy has to be a “best moment”. Sauber showing potential for the first time since the BMW era and emerging from the midfield (even though not entirely) is great for the sport. It’s great to watch. It has helped Perez get a seat with a top team and has created a climate of anticipation and excitement around the paddock. Well done, Sauber!

    – Alonso’s win in Malaysia. That’s how you prove you’re the best driver on the grid.

    – Rosberg’s win. Probably the most overdue and expected performance this season both for Rosberg and Mercedes, in a brilliant race. Too bad it came to nothing afterall.

    – The podium in Valencia. Ok, it was a hectic race, but those podium pictures will be looked at as being golden in 5-10 years from now. Seeing Schumacher return to the podium in the same context as seeing Alonso taking such an emotional win and Raikkonen doubling up his best performance of the year. That’s priceless.

    – Perez’s drive in Monza. Remember how everyone was talking about Perez not being allowed to take Fernando on? Well, I do and I’m always a sucker for a speculation-killer. And Perez’s drive in Italy did just that. Great to watch, had an after-effect.

    Notable mentions: Maldonado’s win, Schumacher’s pole lap in Monaco.



    Too many great moments this season to remember them all but here are the ones that stick in my head, in no particular order

    7 winners from 7 gps
    Rosberg finally wins a race
    The best, most professional racing teams in the world being made to look very silly by tyres they just couldn’t understand
    Williams finally getting back on the top step
    The Valencia podium, and the scenes of Alonso stopping on the track and acknowledging the crowd while openly weeping at the emotion of it.
    McLaren addressing their pitstop issues and setting a new record for servicing the car
    Virtually everything about the Abu Dhabi GP – the tense qualifying, the unbelievable excitement while we waited to find out what would happen to Vettel, his spectacular drive through the field to stamp his authority on the championship, Kimi being Kimi, the return to winning form of Lotus and Raikkonen, Vettel’s pass on Button, the heartbreak of watching Hamilton once again being denied a good result by machanical trouble… It was one of the most intense race weekends I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

    There are loads more. I reckon this will be looked back upon as one of the best seasons of the modern era.

    And of course, the best is yet to come – Vettel and Alonso lining up level on points in Brazil, with the championship being decided by a daring final-lap overtake. By Alonso. probably.. maybe….



    As some have already mentioned, the seven different winners in the first seven races was of course a highlight.

    The Valencia race, without a doubt – it had everything. And the podium at the end of it, the emotion, the fact that the top three drivers were the oldest of the six champions on the grid. It was a beautiful race.

    Kobayashi’s podium. Enough said.

    Similarly, Massa’s podium was another highlight for me personally.

    The Monza duel between Vettel and Alonso. Gotta say, those two don’t really fight each other on the track much but when they do, it’s always exhilarating.

    Canadian GP – a straight up, edge of your seat battle with the top three drivers in the sport. Couldn’t ask for much more.

    There are plenty of others but off the top of my head, that’s what came to me.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    7 winners in the first 7 races! Extraordinary!

    Also Williams’ win in Spain was great to see, a real underdog win.

    Alonso in Valencia was an absolutely excellent drive and his reaction to the fans spoke volumes of the passion he has.



    Kobayashi’s podium in Suzuka. The ceremony and the crowd chanting was amazing.



    * Bahrain providing us with a great race. Eat that, fanbase.
    * Valencia and Abu Dhabi providing us with great races. Eat that too, fanbase.
    * Vettel retaking the lead of the championship, to, once again, the fanbase’s great disdain.
    * Schumacher’s pole in Monaco
    * Schumacher’s podium in Valencia
    * Massa’s podium in Japan
    * Kobayashi’s podium in Japan
    * Maldonado’s win in Spain (to the fanbase’s disdain)
    * the season returning to a state of normality (to, unsurprisingly, the fanbase’s disdain)



    Maldonado’s performances in Spain. Winning Barcelona and taking out Hamilton on the last lap at Valencia.

    One was awesome, the other completely hilarious, both were memorable.



    There have been many highlights in this season and some more are hopefully yet to come. I have experienced many great moments as an F1 fan, as a Kovalainen fan and as a spectator in the stands. Here are the best ones from each ‘group’:

    * Maldonado’s victory in Spain undoubtedly belongs to all-time top ten underdog triumphs. I always thought that Maldonado was underrated and he took the chance to prove his greatness on that weekend.

    * Kovalainen made it to Q2 in Bahrain as he beat Schumacher by 0.013s. It felt fantastic even if it later turned out that Schumacher had been hindered by a problem with his DRS.

    * The crowd around me went crazy at Spa as Vettel tried to pass Schumacher, who was a tough nut to crack and then dove into the pits in the middle of the manoeuvre.



    The best, most heart-warming moments for me so far have been Alex Zanardi winning his gold medals and, within F1, Williams winning again.

    I hope the best is yet to come, like it was in 2008, and we get a clean and memorable deciding round. It would be a bonus to end up with two fitting champions: Alonso the champion driver and Red Bull as champion constructor.



    My best moment so far this year was Schumachers pole @ Monaco. He didn’t end up starting from pole, but I was really really happy for him.



    For me it was Hamilton in Hungary and Austin.



    Williams return to form in 2012 for me has been heartening and Maldonado giving us brief glimpses of what the team can achieve given the right conditions.


    Younger Hamii

    We could go on & on about this season – but to name a few personally:

    -Schumacher’s pole in Monaco sent me hysterical to the point where I was laughing on my way to the bathroom because simply it was unexpected. I was really elated for him & great for the nature of the season at that point.

    -Button’s serene & sublime drive in Australia was one that thought he built on his 2011 form & taken himself up another level, little did we know ultimately that would not come to fruition sufficiently, with his form vanishing in mid-season & from that point, even with the upgrades at Hockenheim coupled with the fact that he revealed that the MP4-27 was the hardest McLaren chassis he’s driven, culminated in inconsistency.

    -Rosberg isolating himself in China from the overwhelming field that consisted of different tyre strategies, to claim his maiden win that quite frankly originated from his near-perfect pole lap.

    -Alonso carrying the Spanish flag with pure humanity on the team radio, after his emphatic & valiant win at Valencia coming through the field & being in the right position to make the most of Vettel & Grosjean’s misfortunes with their alternators.

    -Hamilton deservedly earning his elusive win in regards to one for departing McLaren, via fighting through wheel to wheel combat with both Red Bulls, particularly with Vettel in the latter stages of the race, really loved seeing the two fighting in almost equal machinery as well as being on the same type of strategy.

    -For overtakes, Alonso on Grosjean at Valencia & Massa on Senna at Singapore were one of calculation & audacity respectively. Other laudable mentions are Vettel on Rosberg at Australia, Hamilton on Alonso at Silverstone & Hamilton on the two Toro Rossos at Spain whilst making his way from the back of the grid after the exclusion from qualifying.

    -Mayhem & Hysteria? I’d go for the first corner massacre at Spa & the Williams’ fire at Spain after the race, I don’t think any others will be superior to those although on the other hand, Safety was one of extreme importance in both, in which called for Motorsport to seek for potential increments to improve safety further.

    -One that is the most peculiar: I constantly watch Hamilton’s pole lap in Australia and wonder that, that was the point where I think in hindsight ‘little did I know the season that was in store’ & actually think of it, as a McLaren fan, as well as the front-row lockout as a distant memory given the absurd season McLaren went on to have and that the front-row lockout in Interlagos today was just a full circle.


    Kirill Egorov

    The first half of the season was absolutely great, we saw different strategies, different winners (both drivers and teams), battles alongside the whole field. The second half after summer break was more ‘conservative’ regarding the choice of different compounds for the races. It became much more easier to predict the winning strategy, while in the beginning it was fascinating when drivers ran the whole distance with 1 pit-stop (or tried to do that). Pirelli tests new compounds, that sounds cool. Thank you, Pirelli!

    Maldonado’s win + Williams long-awaited win
    It’s great to see sir Frank Williams celebrating his 70th birthday and Pastor’s victory in Spain was the best gift for sir Frank.
    And Pastor – F1 needs such drivers as him. Somebody can think of him as a ‘hooligan’ but he’s a good racer. He’s quick, he doesn’t afraid of fighting at the track. It’s a funny coincidence but last time it’s Montoya who was such kind of driver, especially when he was at Williams.

    Rosberg’s first win
    Nico was ‘young and prospective’ for too long. It’s very good he finally won his 1st race. We can remember Webber or Button (even Hakkinen) and how they’ve changed after their first victories. They’ve become much better drivers, more mature, more self-confident. And we can remember Nick Heidfeld, very good but unlucky driver, had he won one race and everything could different for him and his career.

    Iceman’s comeback
    He can drive a rally car later, we really missed him in F1 and we need him right here, right now in F1. His duels with Schumacher at Spa and Interlagos, with Hulkenberg in Austin with Force India’s drivers at Hockenheim – these are the best moments/overtakings of the season. And , of course, he knows what he’s doing.



    Have to add this:

    Brazilian Grand Prix – unbelievable. A very close championship fight, mixed conditions, collisions, spins, battles, fight for victory, Hulkenberg’s drive, everything. The best race I’ve ever witnessed.

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