2012 Mallorcan Grand Prix

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    Bradley Downton

    So, anyone else heard the news of the proposed Grand Prix in Mallorca

    (pronounced Ma-your-ca), just outside Palma. http://www.crash.net/f1/news/165746/1/new_spanish_venue_presses_on_in_f1_bid.html

    and its not being designed by Herman Tilke but instead Gabriel Palmer.

    It’s a major holiday hotspot for Brits and a great place(i been there every year on holiday for the last 8 years :D)

    Surely it can only be good, does anyone have the track design?

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    Wow what a holiday that would be. Imagine if they built one on Ibiza!!!!

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    Track map here: http://www.thef1times.com/news/display/01452

    Looks a bit too slow and twisty to me

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    The track looks a bit too complicated but it does have the big straightaway. Mallorca itself is a great place… I was just there this past summer but I was on the Eastern side where it’s mostly German populated. Great scenaries, great food, great hospitality and great hosts. If they do build one there I would go for sure to watch an F1 race.

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    Spain doesn’t need another Grade 1 track…

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    Looks pretty similar to barcelona! Pah.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    The designer has since said that he’s consulted with Ferrari and incorporated some changed they suggested.

    Personally, I very much doubt this will happen unless Barcelona and Valencia fall off the calendar. We don’t want a MotoGP situation, with four taces in Spain on a regular basis.

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    If the Hungoraring subsided and warped majorly – it would end up looking like that… maybe.

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    I can’t see this happening as it doesn’t really make commercial sense to have a grand prix in Mallorca. However, I can imagine that the event would be fantastic and I actually quite like that circuit map.

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    Please replace Barcelona with this.

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