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    How will the new regulations effect the F1 cars?


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    If won’t pretty much, the engines will stay the same until 2013, as will the specifications of the car. Can’t really say much more.


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    We haven’t heard much about next year’s rules. Might we have the smallest change in the regulations since 2007-8?


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    Hot blown diffusers are gone next year. It’s not official but it pretty much certain to be banned next year.

    I think there will be more freedom in where to place the ballast in the car.

    That’s all I can think of.


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    I’m not sure (off throttle) hot blown diffusers will survive till the end of this season. The limited weight distribution was only for this year, so that will be going too I presume.

    Other than that I can’t see anything changing that will shake the order up as everything is working pretty well as it is and the teams won’t want to have to invest in a major redesign with the big 2013 changes coming up.


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    you say “big 2013 changes” but the changes are getting smaller everytime they are mentioned.

    (I was looking forward to ground effect:( )

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