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    While dozing off looking at the grid for next year it suddenly hit me.
    If HRT does end up folding (and the chances are pretty high considering they’ve got only days to sign up for it), then Cosworth’s only going to be supplying Marussia for 2013.

    Now I know years ago, engine suppliers only doing one team was almost the norm but in these tough economical times, do you really see them only staying in it for a back-marker team, would they find that in anyways profitable.

    And if they don’t, can they legally stop operating in F1 leaving Marussia without a supplier?
    (I doubt it but i don’t see who else they could go with.



    Cosworth and Marussia have a deal for engines in F1 and also the Marussia road cars, which are also Cosworth powered, so it’s unlikely that they will part ways any time too soon.



    Cosworth have no need to supply multiple teams to make a profit, each supply deal they have is financially sound on its own.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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