$25k for FIA, $25k for charity

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    As you have all heard by now, Sebastian Vettel has been fined $25,000 for his victory celebration in India. Regardless of whether you feel it is deserved, it appears most fans very much disagree with the notion to punish a driver for celebrating a victory like that. Because of that, I decided this would be a great opportunity to make a statement to the FIA, and make the world a better place.

    Let the FIA have their $25,000. Let us, as fans, give $25,000 to the children in India (where this happened) and Brazil (where we finish the season).
    On top of that
    * Sebastian Vettel will be asked to double all donations
    * Michael Schumacher will be asked to double any $91 donations
    * Fernando Alonso will be asked to double all $1571 donations,
    * all drivers will be asked to double donations of $9,482 (the total number of points collected by all drivers, at the end of the race in Brazil)

    $25k for FIA, $25k for charity on indiegogo.


    Nick Jarvis

    I don’t want to give India more money.
    We already give 10 billion a year whether we like it or not.



    I don’t think it’s anybody’s place to ask a driver to make specific donations like that.



    Completely optional for them of course, but I think it’d be a nice gesture.
    But first and foremost, this is a chance for us as fans to make a statement to the FIA, and do some good for the world in the meantime.


    Can I ask the driver to give me $25,000, because I… …need it…


    Max Jacobson

    Barring the last few, I think that’s not a bad idea!



    I highly doubt the top list of the FIA’s priorities for world Motorsport will be to check this forum. Sounds harsh, but that’s life. Get over it.



    That’s why I’ve started a fundraiser. If we as a community (not just us at F1F) can raise $25k, and we can get the drivers to do their part on top of that, the FIA will take notice.

    Everyone can sign some petition. This is how you make a statement.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Sorry, but I can’t get on-board with this. The FIA did not fine Vettel for the sake of raising revenue. They fined Vettel for breaking the sporting code. No matter how bizarre it might seem, they can’t go selectively applying the rules because it suits them. People criticised them endlessly for doing it in the past, and now they’re being criticised endlessly for not doing it.



    Doesn’t the money from fines go to the FIA Make Roads Safe campaign?



    What exactly happens with the FIA fine money? I know a few years ago NASCAR started taking their fine money (which had at the time just been placed into the end of the year points fund for the series the fine came from) and putting it towards the NASCAR Foundation which then distributes it to various charitable organizations.



    As has been stated, but that doesn’t change the fact that we as fans want to see those restrictive rules changed. This is the chance to make a statement.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Good luck with that.

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