3 things you hope to see in 2011

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    The cars’ performances ranking in this order: Mercedes, McLaren, Red Bull, Renault, Ferrari, with only 4 tenths’ of a qualifying lap covering all 5. Then we’ll see the quality of the drivers shine.

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    Machine guns on cars and banana skin attacks a la Mario Kart.

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    @andrewtanner. So I’m guessing you are fan of Bernie’s version of F1.

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    1) Vettel or Hamilton becoming a double world champion

    2) Fake Lotus not being allowed to be called Lotus

    3) Toro Rosso getting a good result

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    Felipe and Ferrari respectively WDC and WCC, Schumacher winning races and Liuzzi too.

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    – V10 engines, or

    – V12 engines, or

    – Both V0 and V12 engines, every team being able to choose which one they want!

    Ok, I know that’s not even a wish, but an utopia. Here’s what I realy hope for 2011:

    – Vettel becoming double world champion

    – Kubica winning a race

    – Schumacher winning and contending for the title

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    Which Lotus is the fake one? ;)


    1) Williams to get some pace back and fight for podiums

    2) Some decent overtaking (doubtful, I’m of the opinion that the teams can use the new stuff too often so they’ll just be using them down all the straights anyway)

    3) Another close championship!

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    Prof Kirk


    no boring races

    lots of gossip to keep the forums active.

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    1) Five constructors getting pole position and winning races (Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault)

    2) 7-9 weather affected races

    3) Pirelli tyres requiring two to three pit stops, depending on the strategy.

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    Oh yeah forgot about the fact that they should remove that stupid rule forcing drivers to use both tyres!

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    Jarred Walmsley

    1) Schumacher being back to his best and winning his 8th title shadowed home by Vettel and Button

    2)A removal of that two compound rule

    3) An even closer title fight at Brazil with all 4 drivers for the top 4 teams in contention as well as an unpredictable quali that results in all of the title contenders crashing out in Q3 and giving Alguersuari his first pole with Hulkenberg on the front row beside him and both of Fernandez’ Lotus’ in the top 10.

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