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F1 discussion

A new logo for the Ferrari F1 team, an improvement or not

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    Bit of a non event really, at least it doesn’t try to hock death to small children any more, if you buy that.

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    I think it resembles the Marlboro Chevron and would be a perfect logo for a team with the old Mclaren Marlboro Livery. They took the chevron and slanted it slightly to the left. Dammit!!! I need a cigarette now!!

    True Marketing Genius!

    Maybe some of the Ferrari Marketing team should work with the engineers on exploiting loopholes!

    Profile photo of Journeyer

    I agree with Cacarella. It’s half a Marlboro Chevron.

    It could just be a case of me seeing what I want to see, but most things in a logo have significance.

    What I would find interesting is if Ducati go do something similar. Even more so if they end up getting Rossi.

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    Ferrari have used red and white long before malboro. Should they change the red just in case? This is a non story.

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    I like it. Marketing wise, smart ;)

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    I think Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro have finally found a way to prove there not advertisng Marlboro anymore :p

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    Rampante, i would like to know what you think of how this new logo looks (although the Ferrari logo itself stays as it is!).

    Profile photo of rampante

    I’ve seen it change many times and the logo or shade of red is not that important to me. Malboro will still throw money at them for some crazy reason. The team, as all do remain the same. When Mclaren went from red and white to silver or Jordan from green to blue green and white to yellow, Lotus etc they never changed.

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    In the words of the great Dr Cox:

    Wow. I care so little, I almost passed out.

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    It’s growing on me, but I didn’t like it at first.

    People are always going to draw comparisons with Marlboro, but how can they not?

    Having said that, I don’t think Ferrari fans are gonna care too much. The prancing horse is still once of the greatest logos in sport, and that’s all present and correct.

    This love this photo of Massa and Alonso, Massa is snearing and Alonso couldn’t look less bothered! :)

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Yep, new Santander backing was my initial reaction as well.

    God, we’re a bunch of cynics.

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    It’s weird but when I look at it, it makes me want to go and start up an account with a Spanish bank. Weird.

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    I liked it, a change in the taste.

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    The red part looks to me like half of the Marlboro symbol, and I don’t really like the red part sticking out on the edges.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)

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