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F1 discussion

A Racers Apology

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    I want to make an apology to Keith, Prisoner Monkeys and Dazed and Confused also to any other users who may have been upset by my comments.

    First of all I think that I should just admit the fact that yes I am a Ferrari.

    Second of all I am not full of British hate. I am a Scotsman myself. I am not Italian as people are assuming.

    Ferrari are very important to me as the 1st F1 race I watched a Ferrari won.

    Being A Ferrari fan, I am however NOT a fan-boy. I am full of respect for rival teams such as Mclaren and Red Bull. I am a big fan of Lewis Hamilton.

    I maybe wrong but as a Ferrari supporter I do sometimes feel deeply unsettled If I come across a comment or article making Ferrari look bad.

    I just want to let Keith know that I have nothing against him and I do not accuse him of any Biased.

    Also I want to add that it has been one year exactly since I have been using F1 Fanatic. Ironically I came across it after I was looking for pictures of the 2010 Ferrari F1 Car.

    So if any one does feel upset by my comments then I will like to offer them a sincere apology. I am one of those people who gets very emotional win a Ferrari wins.

    Once again If you have been offended by my comments then please accept my apology.

    A big thank you to Keith who does so much to keep this site as up to date as possible.

    Profile photo of RIISE

    Ferrari fans unite!!!

    First of all I think that I should just admit the fact that yes I am a Ferrari.

    Which model?

    Profile photo of Faraz

    Ha ha all models. F1O, F2007, F2000, I love the new F150.

    Profile photo of Snaiperskaya

    If i was a Ferrari i’d have to be the F2004, but if i was an F1 car i would be a Mercedes Gp as obvious from my name!

    Profile photo of Fixy

    I’m Italian, I’m a Ferrari fan. I like Sauber too, and respect every team up to the point that even in the 2007 championship I was as happy for Kimi for breaking records as sad for Lewis to miss the title and a place in history by one point. I supported Vettel after Brazil 2008, not knowing he would have gone to rivals Red Bull, and I’m happy for him.

    And I haven’t seen any comments by you reportng offenses.

    Profile photo of Warwick

    LOL… I came across this site looking for pictures of the F2008 (back when it was rare for articles to get more than about 20 comments)

    Profile photo of David-A

    If I was an F1 car, i’d be a F2002 or an STR3.

    Profile photo of Dan Thorn
    Dan Thorn

    I think I’d have to be a 412T or a B190.

    Profile photo of Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones

    i’d like to be the RB6.. but the F2002 would do

    Profile photo of BROOKSY007

    i’m a red bull fan, but if i was an f1 car you can’t go past the mclaren mp4/4 that Senna drove… just google it

    Profile photo of RIISE

    I love how his typo turned into a “What car would you want to be” thread.

    Profile photo of Funkyf1

    Apology accepted, since the mp4/4 is taken I’ll be a mp4/5

    Profile photo of f1alex

    LOL I think I’d be an MP4/14, The one Hakkinen won the 1999 WDC in. :D Not that it’s particularly relevent to the orignial post! lol

    Profile photo of Funkyf1

    Good call f1alex, I was just going for sex appeal!!! :)

    Profile photo of Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    I’d be an FW26, because people often say how Walrus like I look

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