A Sponsor's Dream

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    A bit of a random topic but here it goes..

    I was searching randomly on driverdb.com and came across a Spanish driver whose name is Jesus Perez Santander.

    Surely hes just begging to be picked up and sponsored by The Vatican. Or maybe Santander should sponsor their namesake?

    And then there are other drivers with names that would be ideal for certain sponsors..

    Gerhard Berger sponsored by Burger King.

    Bertrand Baguette sponsored by Subway.

    Can you think of any others just begging for that special sponsor? Have fun with it!



    Webber – sponsored by ducks feet

    Hamilton – sponsored by Maurice Hamilton

    Button – sponsored by Buttons

    Schumacher – sponsored by the shoe makers – Vans

    Rosberg – sponsored by iceberg lettuce

    Maldonado – sponsored by Christianity

    d’Ambrosio – sponsored by custard

    Hulkenberg – sponsored by The Hulk

    di Grassi – sponsored by grass

    I know these are all awful, but thought I’d get it out of the way



    Vettel – sponsored by Vittel water

    Glock – sponsored by any glockenspiel maker

    Senna – sponsored by Senokot laxatives

    Fangio – sponsored by vampires

    These are also bad as well :)



    Glock – firearms manufacturer Glock

    Jean Alesi – Levis

    Webber – BBQs

    Barrichello – a manufacturer of string instruments

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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