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A10 World Series

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    I waited until 10.30 for the announcement on the website and it says ‘V10 600 BHP Global Single Seater Series’. Sounds interesting, although more details released tomorrow. Wonder how its going to work though, A1GP replacement or new ChampCar? My money is it on challenging superleague for drivers though.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m guessing it’s going to be a reborn A1GP series. Maybe with the second-generation GP2 cars making up the field. The Dallara GP2/11 is being introduced this year, so the old chassis have to go somewhere. Put a new engine in to differentiate the cars, and straight away you have a series. They’re certainly not using the old A1GP cars; those are being used by Auto GP.


    sorry about sending 2 posts, didnt know i did until i went on the forum again. The GP2 car with a V10 engine sounds interesting though. Although im sure the second gen A1 cars are gathering dust somewhere.


    Apparently, the reason its called A10 is that the A is supposed to be an upside down V, making it V10 world series. Its wierd that no one has heard of this ambitous series till only a couple of days ago. Afterall, it is suposed to be ‘global’

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    Remember we have the Renault “world” series which has a total of 0 races outside of europe. I’ll wait for it to actually start before I pass judgment on it, afterall it hasn’t even strated yet. Saying that,as long as it doesn’t have anything stupid to put me off like football teams then then I might keep an interest.

    As for the car, well there is a number of old chassis they could. There’s the gen 2 A1 car, the old GP 2 cars and possibly even the old champ car Panoz DP-01. Plus as of next year Dallara’s pig ugly indy car will be gathering dust (although it’s highly doubtful anyone would use that).

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Although im sure the second gen A1 cars are gathering dust somewhere.

    Nope, they’re being used by Auto GP. They were sold off as assets when A1Gp was liquidated.


    The first gen Lola’s are being used in AutoGP, are you saying the Powered by Ferrari second gen cars are also owned by the series?

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    They might be. But I’m willing to bet that they were sold off when A1GP went insolvent. If A10 is run by the same (or similar) people who did A1, they wouldn’t be able to buy their own cars.

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    Sounds interesting, i hope decent coverage is available.


    It starting to become a bit silly now. The website has released a picture and the sound of the engine to be used. Are they playing with us here, because then they say ‘more details next week’. Thats the point of your website launch, idiots.


    The website now says that there are going to be 20 races around the world in 10 countries in every continent. does this mean 10 tracks with 2 races every weekend? Apparently all will be revealed on wednesday. I hope this isnt some kind of hoax.


    Autosport has an article on the series. They confirm that A10 is, indeed, the replacement for A1GP. Atleast we know its not a hoax anymore. Series is scheduled to start in october with a prodimently non-european calendar. See Autosport website for more.

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    This sounds interesting. Is this the correct website The website is really poor and very shoddily done so I’m not sure if it’s the right one or not.

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    Stephen Jones

    website’s done by a 3 year old, and the logo looks like it was done on MS Paint.

    as for the series.. i would be excited about it, but since superleague, renault, GP2, autogp, and indy-car are all racing at the moment, i don’t think theres another spot for a single seater series..

    i guess we do have more drivers than seats though

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    Today the site released the pit stop formats. The text is: “Pit crews will consist of 5 man teams. Each wheel man will be responsible for one side, changing both front and rear tyres. The use of overhead gantries will allow crews to be in situ as cars enter the pits.

    There will be pit stop windows for tyre changing. There will be no refuelling in pit stops.

    There will be one stop required in morning races and two stops required in afternoon races.”

    Next week they will say where they are racing. At least, is what I understand from “Where can you see all the action…”

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