Abu Dhabi = psychological warfare?!

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    Considering the strong form of the RB6, seb and mark , let’s just for the sake of arguments assume we will have seb and mark getting p1 p2 at qualify

    In my opinion Alonso tactic’s on this would be extremely interesting

    After reading seb’s comment these few days, it’s rather safe to say on sunday if he realize his chance is gone he would let mark pass and be WDC.

    So this would mean it’s extremely bad for Alonso as he pretty much has no control over his title if he can’t get pass the bulls.

    However what would be very exciting is Alonso allow himself to stick at p5 and closely follow the guy at p4

    in this case…what would seb do? because he can win the wdc if alonso stick at p5.

    Considering the bulls performance, i’d say it’s safe to say this week qualifing would be seb mark alonso, and in this case alonso’s chance to win wdc is quite slim to be honest.

    Would it be beneficial for him to stick at p5 and try to push at the very last lap for p4?



    I think that’d be too much of a risk for him. If he can’t get passed the guy in 4th, he’s stuffed. It’s just too far-fetched in my opinion- it’s a possibility I guess, but I’m fairly sure they wouldn’t even consider it.

    I think his best chance is just keeping a close as possible to the Red Bull in second place. The Ferrari should be a bit closer to the RB6’s pace than in Brazil, so getting passed into second is all he can hope for.



    I mean that’s the idea, it all comes down to what’s easier, getting pass a red bull in the long run or get past the 4th place guy(possibly a Mclaren or a Reanult)



    I can see Ferrari doing what McLaren did in 2008, but better. Let Alonso run around in the position he needs to be in to be champion, but close to the guy ahead (in this scenario, on Webber’s tail) so he can make a move if he needs to. Assuming Alonso has the pace to finish 2nd but chooses to keep it in reserve, saving fuel, tyres etc.



    I thought about it too, but Abu Dhabi seems like Ferrari’s thing as much as Singapore. I expect Alonso to be first or second to Vettel, thereby eliminating the need for such a game.



    “I thought about it too, but Abu Dhabi seems like Ferrari’s thing as much as Singapore”

    Alo only got pole there because of Seb’s mistake and Mark being off the pace so if it is similar to Singapore then as a Ferrari fan I won’t be celebrating just yet.

    Alo may have this cushion and I’m glad he has but it isn’t that great. One error in quali or Hamilton or Button putting in a blinding lap could spoil the party. Given how quick the RB6 is I feel more like Alonso is actually the underdog.

    If Vet’s leading he should until the last lap as who knows what the heck can happen.

    I know it’s a long shot for Lewis but I really don’t want to write him off just yet *remembers the pain of 2008* :P



    As much as I hate to say it, I can only see the WDC going to Alonso in Abu Dhabi. Alonso is too canny a driver and the Ferrari is just about quick enough to keep the Red Bull’s honest, so I think all of these philosphical debates about whether Red Bull should switch Vettel and Webber are completely irrelevant. Alonso will do what he needs to do, whether that is finish 3rd, 4th, or just finish, and he will win his 3rd WDC. This is of course assuming that nothing strange will happen like an engine failure or a racing incident involving 2 championship contenders.

    Red Bull can talk about manipulation all they want, but the WCC and a bit of pride that they “did the right thing by letting Mark and Seb fight to the end” is all they are going to take from this season.

    Edit: And I get the feeling that if Seb does back off to let Mark win the WDC, he’ll never let us forget about it.



    Or just stay in third and have the team radio out that you are running low on fuel – meaning that Seb will stay up front in the thin hope that Alonso has a problem

    That would be awesome, esp if he does it on the second last lap – something like ‘Fernando we the engine will only last another lap, slow up and tune it down’



    @ GeeMac – well, I forgot to mention it is more a question of what the simulators say instead of repeating Singapore’s performance. Abu Dhabi is the circuit Ferrari should perform the best against Red Bull.

    Even if Alonso don’t qualify ahead he could be close enough to Mark or whatever to legitimate Vettel keeping first position in the now unlikely case of team orders. He could slip through altogether.


    sbl on tour

    think alonsos experience will show for a lights to flag




    Order of the race: Order of the WDC:


    Alonso 261


    Webber 256


    Vettel 256


    Webber 263


    Alonso 261


    Vettel 249

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