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Alonso hand thingy

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    Evening all,

    Just a query that I cant seem to find the answer to in the usual places (read google).

    Does anyone know whats with the hand gesture Alonso does when he wins a race? is it a cultural thing? There has been much debate amongst my friends as to what it actually means (if anything).

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    i would also like to know this. And Barrichello’s ‘slip’ thing he does

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    The slip is simply Barichello being Barrichello. He thinks its funny. Others … well think its funny because he is likable.

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    Alonso used to be a puppeteer…

    No to be honest I have no idea.

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    I asked this on twitter a few days ago and noone really knows. There was one suggestion it was from a Spanish kids TV show though but I really don’t know. I’d love to find out! :) Great thread.

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    I think it’s something between him and some close friends, at least that’s what I recall reading a few years back when I thought he used it so as to ‘shush’ everyone, in which case I would have been annoyed out of my mind to see football and politic (at least Romanian politics) antics into F1

    or he has some sort of schizophrenia that manifests in his hands congratulating everyone for blowing their horns

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    I think I remember hearing that it was from some Spanish TV show as well, and I think he used to discuss with his close freinds what kind of crazy celebration he’d do on top of his car if he won when he used to do them back in the Renault glory days.

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    Maybe the “one handed clap” he does symbolizes castanets? :P (not stereo typing at all)

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    1:15 onwards.

    No idea what this program is, though :P

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    the slip of Barrichello is dance! at least he do think so.

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    1:15 onwards.

    No idea what this program is, though :P

    I wish he’d explain what it meant in the comedy routine…

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    He said once that it came from a TV kids show, a very old show from Argentina o Uruguay showed again in spain in the 80’s. It’s called “El chavo del ocho”. Anyway, it doesn’t make any sense. It seems to be kisses to the people as I understand that this means kisses. I mean that if this thing did meant “go to hell” he wouldn’t use it.

    This year with number 8 in the car it has more sense as “chavo del 8″ means “the kid of the 8″, but he does it before this year.

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    Guys, it means “you’re talking sh*t”. AFAIK Fernando uses that gesture since GP Singapore 2008 – his first victory after long period without podium (GP Brasil 2007) or 1st place (GP Italy 2007) and McLaren departure. Media was used to talk like “Alonso is not so fast anymore” in 2008 season. For me, it makes perfect sense.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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