Alonso vs Schumacher at 130R in 2005, the best overtake in F1 history?

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    Eh, I don’t really see why everyone is so wowed by the Hakkinen-Zonta-Schumacher pass at Spa. It was opportunistic, yes, but he more or less lucked into the fact that Zonta was there to finally allow him inside. I guess it’s because it happened on a straight rather than into/in a corner that I hold other back marker aided moves in higher esteem.

    As for best move, I agree that either Piquet on Senna in Hungary or Mansell on Piquet at Silverstone are two brilliant displays. The former being a great example of psychological racing prowess and the latter being a great example of physical racing prowess. But it is something that is incredibly hard to quantify. Case in point: there isn’t a particular single pass in it that is “the best” but the battle between Villeneuve and Arnoux at Dijon ’79 is the stuff of legend, obviously. So does that count?


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    I would say Jean Alesi passing Hakkinen and Barrichello in one move at Aus 1994 is the greatest overtake ever

    20mins and 5 seconds into the video


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    Coolest overtake ever, period.


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    Magnificent Geoffrey



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    Thanks @f1alex . I thought I’d got the dates mixed up.

    @craig-o I didn’t think Hamilton’s pass on Massa at Germany 08 was anything special because Massa didn’t even bother defending. His pace on Rosberg 2010 Aus was the best of his I thought.

    Petrov pulled off a good one into Le Combes at Spa last year on Rosberg irrc. Massa’s pulled off a few which gives me tingles but I’m biased so I won’t bother boring you :P

    My favourite ever pass is quite probably overrated but it’s Mansell at Mexico on Berger. I also loved Gilles on Jones at the Dutch GP in 79 I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaLRdO10UW8


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    @magnificent-geoffrey Woah I forgot how many he did last year! :)


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    Few even come close to his:

    A harder corner than 130R has become, massive massive balls to do that, plus Mansell was actually on older tyres!


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    Right, it won’t let me edit that post for some reason, this is the move: http://youtu.be/V2g1yrGputA


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    Dan Thorn


    @f199player Yes! I forgot all about that. Shame there isn’t a better angle but it’s ridiculously good!

    Also this: craps all over Webber and Alonso at Eau Rouge ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgJxtiNoQ1U


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    I loved Vettel on the outside of Rosberg at Blanchimont this year. Absolute balls-to-the-wall commitment. Other than that; Hakkinen; Zonta; Schumacher. Nuff said :P


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    Chris Holland-Skinner


    I think what this topic has proved is there have been so many great overtakes and there will be many more great ones in the future. I have been watching F1 religiously for over 10 years now and I am still wowed by Alonso on Schumi, but its all down to personal opinion isn’t it? All the moves mentioned above were brilliant I have to say, at least I sparked some debate :)


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    @icthyes every time I watch that clip I fall in love with F1 all over again.

    Here’s one by de Casaris I thought was pretty good but he did manage to get in quite a few scraps during his time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aVsYaeDttQ&feature=related

    @danthorn I’m so glad you posted that Massa video ;)

    @ChrisHolland-Skinner you sparked off a terrific debate! :)

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