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    I currently get all my F1 fix from two places:

    1. – news
    2. F1Fanatic – analysis, opinion

    However, Autosport have now introduced a quota of 50 articles per month which I have quickly exceeded.

    Do you have any views on what is the best alternative to for frequent, detailed and reliable news reporting?

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    Fer no.65

    I didn’t know about the 50 articles per month.

    It’s hard to replace Autosport. It’s the best one by far.
    I used to check everyday before discovering F1Fanatic, so maybe you can use that one. It’s not Autosport, but it’s something.

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    You are right about it being hard to replace Autosport.

    For e.g. Just checked BBC, Sky, PlanetF1 and GPUpdate and none of them have the story about the FIA’s plans for new entry fee structure that Autosport are reporting.

    Might have to find a way to get around the 50 articles per month. Otherwise it’s 88p per week apparently…

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    Fer no.65

    BBC & Sky websites are not that good for day by day news. They have good analysis from the pundits and stuff, but they don’t update the site very often, specially if there’re no races.

    PlanetF1 is quite rubbish for the news. I check it every now and then but I don’t like it.

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    I also use ESPNF1.

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    I think’s online deal is quite good value as it also gives access to additional editorials. I always forget I get a digital version of the autosport magazine included in whatever package I picked until a couple of days as well until it comes around :p

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    A lot of stories from Autosport get published here as well –

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    Felipe Bomeny

    For rumors (not necessarily accurate), I use But a reliable alternative to Autosport is, which, despite the language barrier (which may be overcome with Google Translate), provides fantastic coverage of the junior formulae (they were the first to report the Bianchi-Tech1 deal).

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    I alwas go on the autosport forums on practice or quali days to see the pictures of the cars’ updates, the car threads are good at getting the latset pictures up really quickly. I never post there, but like I say it’s a good place to see the updates. – I was shocked when I saw the latest MP4-27 sidepods last Thursday as the team’s set up the garages.

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    I just stay here for my primary news source, the daily round-ups cover most stories while the big ones get their own articles.

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    GPUpdate, F1Fanatic, and Autosport are my main stops for news. I like JA on F1 for in-depth articles – he’s a much better analyst/journalist than commentator! SpeedTV sometimes has some interesting articles. PlanetF1 is OK, except for the YouTube style comments on whether Hamilton is faster than Alonso that plague practically every single article.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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