Any chance Vettel or Red Bull won't win this season 2011?

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    Do you think there is any chance that Vettel or Red Bull won’t win this 2011 season?

    In my mind Vettel has already basically won it but McLaren may collect the constructors trophy.

    What do you think?


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    Prisoner Monkeys

    The phrase “a snowflake’s chance in Hell” comes to mimd.

    Of course, under some interpretations – Dante’s Inferno for one – Hell is not exclusively fire and brimstone; indeed, the deepest rings are frozen over …

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    mmh, maybe even if they will run with 3 wheels..but it would still be hard.. LOL

    Seriously, i do believe that, when Vettel will mathematically clinch the title, some mysterious troubles will disappear from Webber’s car..and he will start to win some..

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    It ain’t happening, Red Bull are too far ahead in both championships. The only reason Red Bull may lose the constructors title, is because of Webber. But even average performances in the RB7 leave you in the top five.

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    Nothing in Formula 1 history has ever been so absolutely certain to happen as Vettel and Red Bull taking both Championships is.

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    Well, you never know… http://i481.photobucket.com/albums/rr178/Kyra_butterfly/hell-frozen-over.jpg

    On a serious note, even if Vettel doesn’t bother to participate in the flyaway races, his lead would probably still be big enough to win him the title – he’s 112 points ahead of Alonso with 150 still up for grabs.

    The ‘anything can happen in formula one’ more applies to the 2007 title fight.

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    No not really. The WCC is still open, but it is a long-shot. Especially with McLaren’s famous useless consistency in their strategic decisions and drivers. The drivers title is basically sealed as Vettel could retire from all the remaining races and still have a REAL chance to win the WDC as the others will swap the wins between them regularly and ONE driver alone would need to win 4 or 5 races and finish well in the other races IIRC, to take the lead in the WDC, and I can’t see that happening with their current form.

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    I assume you mean, short of blowing up the factory, hi-jacking the team trucks or surgically removing the pointy finger, erh, No.

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    Hate to say it, but not unless Vettel has an accident or illness that prevents him participating in every remaining race.

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    the FIA finding out that RBR infact use Nitrous oxide instead of petrol and ban them…

    another spygate scandal. Mr Bull pulling his team from F1 cos he’s bored, who knows ;)

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    As Ratboy alluded to, only a disqualification for Red Bull/Vettel would do now.

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    Even if Vettel doesn’t participate in any of the remaining races, he’s got a very good chance of being WDC

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    What raymondu999 said.

    Even if he misses every single race it’s likely that he’d still win as Alonso/Webber/Button/Hamilton would share the wins between them.

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    To put things into perspective; even if Alonso gets 2nd place in all 6 remaining races, while Vettel gets 6 DNFs, Alonso will still be behind Vettel on points.

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