Apparently fake story on Jenson Button "injury"


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    Keith Collantine


    As some of you may have seen I’ve just taken down a story relating to an article just published on Jenson Buttons’ website:


    The story appears to be fake – I saw it originally via my RSS reader which did not display the image on it, the presence of which looks decidedly suspicious.

    I’ve approached McLaren for confirmation.

    Apologies for putting up the original article which I now believe was in error, and has been taken down to avoid misleading anyone.


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    The story says he has critical injuries, but also says he might race tomorrow, which obviously would be wrong. Such a shame that some people feel the need to hack websites and put stuff up like that.


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    Same picture here on an article dated back to one year ago its an uncropped version of the picture in that article on his site



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    That’s a slight relief actually.

    And no other source seems to rush the publication of story just yet.

    The saddest thing would be a story of a website editor simply googling for pic for the true news.

    I believe the floodgates won’t open until official statement, if there will be any.


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    I thought it was questionable that they would have a picture of his car when there was no news of his status! I hope it’s not my wishful thinking saying that it’s more believable that this is the work of hackers with a rotten sense of humor than it is that his own website would use a picture of an unrelated crash.


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    Confirmed false.


    The post was taken down and the website now says:

    Earlier on today some of you may have seen a news article here on JensonButton.com regarding a car accident. This article was completely false and we are currently investigating how an unauthorised person was able to post to the site.

    Suffice to say Jenson is safe, well and tucked up in bed looking forward to tomorrow’s race, starting from 3rd on the grid.

    We can only apologise for any alarm this may have caused.



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    I’m with Noelinho on this. Why would anyone do this? Self-publicity? It’s pathetic.


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    Because they think it’s funny – like Lulz Security and their wave of attacks.


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    This was an apauling thing to do, how could anyone find amusement in writing such a thing

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