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Are cars 1-9 also the nine best drivers?

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    I agree with @prisoner-monkeys . The 2003/5/7 Raikkonen is probably a safe bet for one of the TOp 5/6 drivers; but Raik 2.0 is too new to judge.

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    If it wasn’t for Schumacher and Massa I would have to agree with the 1 – 9 theory. I would have to give a Kobayashi or Perez a top 9 spot for now. Even if Sutil was on the grid this year, I would place him in the top 9.

    But Schumi and Massa do not make the cut for me

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    Strange that a lot of people single out Schumi and Massa (and for some, Webber) in the list as not making the cut. I wonder – would old-spec Schumi/Massa have made the cut?

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    I hate people saying Di Resta did well, he did, but only taking into account that he was a rookie. Visibly people do not rate Sutil that well, so you have to take into account that Di Resta was really still quite far back on him.

    I mean, Hulkenburg got lots of flak despite being generally close to Rubens… It seems like there is a different set of rules for Di Resta.

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    I think they both would have, Schumacher for obvious reasons and Massa because when he was with Raikkonen at Ferrari he was comparing quite well.

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    Adam Tate

    I think people are too quick to jump to conclusions on this one. @Ed241 nailed it with his post.
    Just because a driver has an off year(Massa, Webber, Hamilton, etc) doesn’t mean they automatically loose their standing as one of the top drivers. The top 9 are the 9 best in F1, the order is debatable, but to me it’s a pretty straightforward case.

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    @adam-tate On their current form, I definitely think it is debatable as to whether guys like Webber and Massa are currently part of the top nine in the sport.

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    I wonder if anyone will be taking back their comments on Schumacher not making the cut, with Rosberg making it?

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    Webber, Massa and Rosberg don’t really deserve to be in the top 9.

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    I’d have to say Massa is no longer in that Top 9, with Perez taking his place. I’ll give Webber and Rosberg the benefit of the doubt for now.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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