At least 30 circuits pushing to host F1??,,,

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    According to F1-Live, Mr E is harrying Rome to finalise their F1 plans with the threat of “fierce competition” and “at least 30 other circuits that are pushing”.

    “We signed a preliminary agreement for at least two years,” Flammini clarified. “Ecclestone is helping us but he is concerned about the delay. The competition is fierce, there are at least 30 other circuits that are pushing. If we don’t hurry we may lose this opportunity.”

    30+ other circuits!?! That seems a heck of a lot to me, would love to know who they all are… and how many can be considered a serious proposition.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Well, we can count the twenty existing circuits: Bahrain, Albert Park, Sepang, Shanghai, Istanbul, Barcelona, Monaco, Montreal, Valencia, Silverstone, the Nurburgring, the Hungaroring, Spa-Francorchamps, Monza, Marina Bay, Suzuka, Korea, New Delhi, Yas Marina and Interlagos.

    Rome’s push for a circuit makes 21. The additon of Austin makes 22; Sochi 23. In the past few days, Vietnam has considered a circuit, which takes the total to 24. Just today, the Ukraine has announced plans for a circuit, so that’s 25. The Bulgarians were interested in a circuit, so we’re now at 26. There were plans for a MotoGP circuit on Mallorca that talked about joining the calendar; 27. South Africa has been pushing for a revival of their race, which brings the tally to 28. Hugo Chavez talked about having a race in Venezuela in response to the rise of Pastor Maldonado; 29. And, of course, the French want their race back, which make a round 30. Of course, Flammini has said that thirty other circuits are looking to host a race, which means we need one more, and that one more is the Losail circuit in Qatar – a while ago there was talk of establishing a third race in the Middle East, possibly in Qatar, which has connections to Williams. And just because I can, number 32 is Thailand; Red Bull was originally a Thai product and 51% of the company is owned by a Thai family who have talked about starting up a race.



    Good effort PM, guess I didn’t read the 20 existing circuits as they are already in.



    That is awesome.Once I was talking a lot about having 20 races now we will in 2011.I do think that FIA & FOM with the teams & drivers with no testing they can effort to have 25 races (CRAZY MAY BE) per season if they can arrange the races under a good plan. Like back to back races in Abu Dhabi & Bahrain, all the races in one continent will be finished at one go.



    If it does happens as Bernie says he can’t arrange more then 20 then to bring money to his pocket & new circuit he will let some traditional circuit like Spa,Monza,Monaco to be strip out of the calender.



    As long as these are ‘keepers’ I’ll be happy enough

    United Kingdom – Silverstone

    Belgium – Spa

    Italy – Monza

    Monaco – Monte Carlo

    Japan – Suzuka

    I’d add Shanghai – for some reason I’ve had a random craving to go to a race there!!

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