Frijns: “At Red Bull they treat you like a dog”

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    Not content with winning the WSR title in controversial style, my compatriot Robin Frijns makes the following bold statement:

    ”Maar ik weet dat ze daar spelletjes spelen. Je mag niets zelf beslissen en als je niet doet wat zij willen, lig je eruit. Ze behandelen je als een hond.” (http://www.nu.nl/sport/2950610/bij-red-bull-word-als-hond-behandeld.html)

    My translation:
    “But I know they play games there. You can’t decide anything for yourself and if you don’t do what they want, you’re out. They treat you like a dog.”

    I understand he still expects to test the RB8 this Thursday…


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    It’s true (see Toro Rosso), but I don’t see the wisdom of saying it. Then again, Frijns probably doesn’t see himself in Red Bull’s immediate plans (which is already crowded enough with Ricciardo, Vergne, and AFDC) and is much more likely to enter F1 via Sauber.


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    Keith Collantine


    Pretty bold words if accurate. Is NU.nl usually reliable @adrianmorse?


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    @keithcollantine NU.nl is one of the main news website in Holland: you can safely say their news is reliable.


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    Yes, very reliable. I wonder if anyone’s going to bring it up when testing the RB8 this thursday… awkward conversation.


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    More information here, not quite as strongly worded:



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    Have any of the Red Bull drivers ever said something similar to that? (I mean those on the young driver development programme), with a mind to Brendon Hartley; I feel that he would be the most likely to say something like that, having been kicked off it.


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    @Ral, interestingly, the GPUpdate.net article says they spoke to him exclusively: “GPUpdate.net spoke exclusively with the Dutchman ahead of his seat fitting on Monday”, but there are no canine references in the article. So either he made the dog-remark to them but they decided not to print it (“You’re not treated really fair”, is what it says – in my translation), or the article is not an exclusive.


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    This was in the context of him declining to join Red Bull’s driver program twice. The Red Bull test is an award for winning the WSR 3.5 championship, unless a driver is already under contract with another F1 team. I think he’d need to be a lot more insulting for Red Bull to deny him his test, since they ‘allow’ Webber’s remarks.

    Also, Nu.nl is hardly a news source. They usually just post basic Reuters (and likewise agencies’) articles. This article was sourced to ANP, the interview done for NuSport (the website’s sport segment) and newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.


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    I’m beginning to like this guy more and more! If, like mentioned above, it’s true…


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    I’m beginning to like this guy, not only because I dislike Red Bull, but because he speaks his mind, and frankly, what he said is true. Just ask Buemi and Alguersauri. :P

    Joining the Red Bull junior program means you have 2 years to win a race in a Toro Rosso. Fail to do so, and you are ignorantly sacked by Horner, Tost and Marko.


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    Looks like Frijns just denied the ‘quote’, @adrianmorse or his compatriots will be able to translate the last two tweets but I understand that he claims not to have said anything like that and blames the ANP (The Dutch national news agency) for false quoting:



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    @girts, ouch, a lot of grammatical errors in that first tweet, but he’s trying to say:

    Nice that nu.nl writes things about you that you didn’t say. Great guys! #thanks

    My apologies to nu.nl. Originated from ANP. Great guys!

    If I interpret correctly, the first “great guys” is meant ironically, the second genuinely towards nu.nl. But I could be wrong.


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    I think the second ‘Top jongens!’ refers to ANP, also ironically of course.


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    Can’t edit…

    Or towards both: ANP for spreading it and nu.nl for taking it over blindly without checking sources.

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