Austin GP promoters clueless?

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    Is anyone else worried by some of the things they’ve been tweeting? Seems like they’re hopelessly clueless…





    It’s just for publicity and you don’t know who’s behind it. You can’t read anything into it.


    Tom L.

    Onboard laps are cool! You have to say they’re right on that one… the more worrying one is:

    “Check our Tilke – the track designers – they are super green experts!”



    Dan Thorn

    Or the question about what the lap record around Hungary is – is that a little quiz for followers or a genuine question?



    As they don’t have any new items themselves, they will try to keep the fans coming back to the site. And infrom some uninformed about what F1 is actually about.

    Funny one “Check our Tilke – the track designers – they are super green experts!” and when you follow the link, the first thing you get is the Abu Dhabi Marina Bay hotel at night! In blue light!

    Do people in the USA thing about a concrete/tarmac colosseum when hearing about a race track? We already heard the comptroller, mrs Combs state how green and integrated into the landscape Silverstone is. And here the promotor is seemingly wanting to make clear there will be plenty of green at the track.



    UH! OH!


    Congratulations Mark Webber and Team Renault!! http://bit.ly/9MHX2K

    Red Bull is listed as RBR Renault in that link, but seriously couldn’t they have hired someone to tweet for them that knew ANYTHING about F1? I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that they don’t know the first thing about F1.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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