Team principals’ top 10 F1 drivers 2011

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    1. Vettel 241 UP 1
    2. Button 200 UP 4
    3. Alonso 188 DOWN 2
    4. Hamilton 122 DOWN 1
    5. Rosberg 90 UP 2
    6. Webber 70 DOWN 2
    7. Di Resta 44 NEW ENTRY
    8. Sutil 38 RE-ENTRY FROM 2009
    9. Kovalainen 26 RE-ENTRY FROM 2008
    10. Schumacher 23 NEW ENTRY

    any comments?

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    I’d say Webber, Di Resta, Rosberg and Hamilton are too high. Webber shouldn’t be anywhere near the top ten, and I think the Sauber drivers deserve to be in the top ten.

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    Nic Morley

    I think it’s unfair to say Webber shouldn’t be anywhere near the top 10. He was thrashed by Vettel, just like everyone else who is currently in a great place in his career. I believe he did a reasonable job. It seem’s this is just the trend now.

    I also can’t understand why Rosberg is always rated so highly in these type of things. I mean I can’t remeber a single stabnd out moment for him; aprt from leading for a little bit at Spa. Other then that he hasn’t done much. Why is Hamilton number 4? He made the most mistakes out of everyone this year.

    I also would put Sutil ahead of Di Resta and proberly Perez in the top 10 somewhere. The top 3 I agree with.

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    Here we go again. If you think a certain driver is too high in the list, you should say who deserves to be above him! On the face of it, I’m not sure either Hamilton or Rosberg deserve to be at number 4, but I can’t think of anyone who clearly did better than them, so one of them has to be (and Hamilton would be my choice).

    I think I’d move Webber down to 9th, with the two Force India drivers and Kovalainen moving up one spot each, but otherwise the list looks just about right.

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    Interesting to see Sutil is on there but he still being replaced. I’d say that it’s around about right by the Principes.

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    Funny how Vettel got 34 points less than maximum. Probably some team principals voting for their own drivers…

    I also find it strange di Resta is above Sutil. Sutil has the experience and di Resta was in his rookie season and might have a brighter future, but Sutil out-scored him (42-27). Even though Paul had some strange strategies in the end to cover all the possibilities, Sutil still had a better season in my view and deserves to be above his team-mate.

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    Rosberg and Schumacher deserve to be ahead of Hamilton – who made a ridiculous amount of mistakeshis year.

    Why? Because if Rosberg or Schumacher drove for Mclaren, they would have won as many races as Hamilton himself (3), and probably would’ve scored more points, and made less mistakes.

    Hamilton should be nowhere near the top 4, I can’t understand why people still rate him so highly despite the season he’s had. Maybe because his name is Hamilton? Maybe because he was lucky enough to drive a Mclaren, which made his decent performances look great? I feel the drivers ratings are based too much on the final standings. Had Hamilton made these many mistakes in a Williams, people would rate him amongst the worst drivers on the grid.

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    I would say…
    First three are good. 4) Rosenberg 5) Sutil 6) DiResta 7) Hamilton (he did win three races and made pole over Vettel) 8) Perez 9) Webber 10) Schumacher (the last two are out of respect, but I think Kobayashi and Alquersuari deserve special mention.)

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    Problem is this year other than Vettel/Button/Alonso there’s been a big gap to the other drivers; and it’s very difficult to pick out a 4th because the others are all so anonymous!

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