Babies at Silverstone

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    I’m about to book for the 2012 British GP, we are planning on taking our baby with us who will be 18 months by then. Does anyone have any advice about whether this is a good idea?

    Advice from the booking line was to get GA tickets rather than grandstand.

    Went for the first time in 2010 while pregnant and watched this year on TV just itching to be there.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



    If you are going to do it, then decent ear defenders are a must.

    I know you probably won’t know this till nearer the time, but if your baby keeps pulling them off their head then do not risk it. Your child has to be happy to keep the ear defenders on.

    I certainly would not want to risk my kids taking them to an F1 event unless they understand that they have to keep their ear defenders on. Some kids are fine, others just hate hats and things on their heads.

    The reason for GA tickets, would be that you have the option of sitting in open air and the noise will not resonant off the sides and back of the covered grandstands. I sat in a covered grandstand this year and the noise was louder than previous years of open seating and GA.

    Just have a PlanB like someone to babysit if you change your mind. But then if you can arrange a babysitter, you might be better off with that. After 18 months you might just want that days break. :D


    Keith Collantine

    We had a discussion on this a while ago you may find useful:

    What age is too young for an F1 race?



    Thanks for the comments.

    She keeps hats on fine so I hope that she would keep the ear defenders on. I agree that is an absolute must. I saw little kids with them on last year, they looked so cute!

    We are going to do the whole weekend camping so thought it would be an adventure for her (and I get to see the GP!).

    It also seems that we will have to pay full child price even though she is only tiny – seems strange that she is the same price as a 15 year old!!



    Very good point about the ear protection and just because she keeps a hat on at 6 months she might be a whole lot more determined a year on, so beware!

    I find it incredible though, the number of children with no ear defenders on; the potential damage sustained at a GP weekend makes protecting their hearing vital… same for adults, there’s nothing cool about going deaf… just ask Bernie, if he could hear you.

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