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Bahrain confirms 2014 F1 grand prix will be a night race

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    Avatar of Bradley Downton
    Bradley Downton

    It’s been confirmed:

    So, until @keithcollantine manages to get an article up – as he undoubtedly will – I’ve posted here so we can discuss.

    Personally I’m not sure this is going to make a huge difference, and I wonder what it means for the start time?

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    I like the racetrack itself. It’s got some really good corners, but the lack of any kind of backdrop apart from some painted run off areas, makes it look very bland, so having it as a night race might make it look better on tv at least.

    Avatar of Iestyn Davies
    Iestyn Davies

    Hmm, well as Bahrain is about 3-4 hours ahead of the EU/UK, and I remember it being an 11am start til now (afternoon to dusk in Bahrain).. Sounds like it’ll be moving towards mid-late afternoon in the UK/EU? 8pm start time perhaps? What time does Singapore get going? Also, this will be better for the US market, but worse for Asia (midnight race there). US East coast midday, US West coast say 8am start, more watchable than middle of the night. I saw a pic recently of a reporter there who tweeted the lights that have been put up already!

    Avatar of andae23

    Oh cool, now we can see the burning tyres better.

    Without cynicism, like Abu Dhabi it’s just to cover up that the track is as interesting as my toenails.

    Avatar of matt90

    “I like the racetrack itself. It’s got some really good corners, but the lack of any kind of backdrop apart from some painted run off areas, makes it look very bland, so having it as a night race might make it look better on tv at least.”

    I agree about it looking bland, but at least it has a different colour pallet, which we probably won’t be able to appreciate in the dark, therefore somehow making it even more homogeneous.

    Avatar of Deej92

    Despite the lack of backdrop, I really like the pictures we get from Bahrain. I’m probably one of a few who like the track, and the 2013 race was one of the better races of a poor season. Having a night race is certainly… different (I saw somewhere that it was going to be a twilight race). I’m looking forward to seeing it anyway. Hopefully the racing is good too.

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    @deej92 I’m one of the few that likes the track itself too. It’s got some good elevation changes and that, but I’m not a fan of the surrounding areas. I feel like the lights might give it some atmosphere. Of course, I could be completely wrong, which has happened once or twice before.

    Avatar of Bullfrog

    I’ll look in on the WEC race tomorrow
    (12 noon to 6pm UK time; 1500-2100 local), see how it looks under the new floodlights at different times of day, and which would be best for a Grand Prix.

    If they’re moving it to a suitable time for American viewers, I guess it will a be a lot later, so a night race rather than a twilight one.

    F1 cars look amazing under lights, but maybe it needs to be a street circuit for extra atmosphere – the Qatar MotoGP looks like they’re racing on the moon!

    Avatar of Juan Pablo Heidfeld
    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Makes Singapore less special

    Avatar of Slr

    I thought I’d point out that the Bahrain Grand Prix next year will be the 900th F1 race in history (assuming no other races are put before it in the final calendar). Coincidentally the 800th race was the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, which of course was F1′s first night race.

    Avatar of Andrei

    It’s going to be on the same hours as Yas Marina. There must be less than 500 km between both tracks, so… Maybe they’re doing it to cope with the very high temp. during the day.

    Avatar of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    If you read the article, it’s to be a celebration of the tenth running of the race.

    It’s better than the last anniversary they celebrated in 2010, with that agonisingly long lap and pointless chicanery.

    Now, if only they would run the 2014 race on the perimeter circuit …

    Avatar of Deej92

    That section used in 2010 was a real handful to get right on F1 2010…

    Avatar of Noah

    not the best track, but im pumped, night-racing is always more fun

    Avatar of matt90

    Is it?

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