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Bahrain GP Awards

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    Best Driver: Kimi Räikkönen
    Worst Driver: Gutierrez
    Best Team: Lotus – definitely
    Worst Team: Ferrari – managed to hide their race pace very well throughout the race
    Best Overtake: too many great ones, can’t pick any!
    Best Funny-moment: Grosjean’s radio message after the race
    Most Surprising Result: Lotus double podium
    Least Surprising Result: Gutierrez being nowhere
    Special Mention to: Vettel, Grosjean, di Resta
    Race Rating: 9/10

    World feed rating: 9/10

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    Best Driver: Vettel – Qualified ahead of the Ferrari’s and made the win on Sunday look easy.
    Worst Driver: Gutierrez – The sauber isn’t great at the moment, but it should be able to finish ahead of a Caterham, upgrades or not.
    Best Team: Lotus – Not a great Saturday, but got both cars on the podium which is what counts.
    Worst Team: Ferrari – I expect this from McLaren, but not the prancing horses!
    Best Overtake: Vettel on Alonso – Giving Fernando a taste of his own medicine? Very opportunistic and well worked.
    Best Funny-moment: Button asking the team to calm Perez down.
    Most Surprising Result: Hamilton finishing well above Rosberg.
    Least Surprising Result: Di Resta not getting on the podium despite having the tools available to do it.
    Special Mention to: Both of the Lotus drivers had good races and kept out of trouble for the most part, and Perez who looked a different man than the one we saw at China last week.
    Race Rating: 9/10

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    Best Driver: Vettel
    Worst Driver: Gutierrez
    Best Team: Lotus
    Worst Team: Toro Rosso
    Best Overtake: Vettel on Alonso
    Best Funny-moment: Vettel setting fastest lap on lap 56/57
    Most Surprising Result: Massa
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel
    Special Mention to: di Resta
    Race Rating: 8/10

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    Master firelee

    Best Driver: Vettel
    Worst Driver: Gutierrez
    Best Team: Lotus
    Worst Team: Toro Rosso
    Best Overtake: Well there were so many that I can’t remember at the moment.
    Best Funny-moment: Nothing really funny maybe button telling perez to calm down.
    Most Surprising Result: Grosgean 3rd
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel 1st
    Special Mention to: Grosjean, Perez, di Resta.
    Race Rating: 8/10

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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