Bahrain Grand Prix set for Uproar?

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    Bradley Downton

    I apologise in advance if anything i write anyone finds offensive.

    Listening to the nws this morning the situation in Bahrain appears to have quietened down, no more gunfire or deaths at the moment of writing this. However, this is what Ecclestone said would be acceptable to race in. From the news the Bahraini people want promised change before they leave pearl roundabout but that doesnt seem to be coming any time soon despite the quitened atmosphere. As i said earlier however this quieter atmosphere is what Ecclestone said he would hold a race in and he’s left the decision to the Crown Prince. The crown prince wants the F1 race more than anything to go ahead and will allow it as long as bullets aren’t flying. Which they aren’t. Could this lead to the Bahrain Grand Prix going ahead? And if it does, what uproar can we expect from the Bahraini people? If the race goes ahead surely the protestors will see this as their best chance of being heard and will invade? Even though the situation does at present appear to have calmed down, the race needs to be cancelled, but will the Crown Prince see sense?



    In case you havn’t I reccomend you read this;


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